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Florida’s Iconic Manatees Are in Trouble

By Olivia Rosane
According to the most recent figures from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), 761 manatees have died so far this year.1 “This is more than double the amount of the total recorded deaths…

On the Verge of Extinction, These Whales Are Also Shrinking

By Annie Roth Photo: John Durban and Holly Fearnbach
North Atlantic right whales are struggling to survive, and it shows. Most of the 360 or so North Atlantic right whales alive today bear scars from entanglements in fishing gear and collisions with speeding ships…

Iconic animals are under threat if we breach 1.5°C warming, warns WWF

By New Scientist and Press Association Photo: Sebastian Kennerknecht
Wildlife ranging from bluebells and bumblebees to snow leopards and emperor penguins is under threat from climate change, according to a new report. Even the coffee plants that produce one of the world’s favourite brews…

Prairie chickens are dying out on the Great Plains.

By Juliet Eilperin and Joshua Partlow Photo: David Crenshaw/Tulsa World
The Biden administration called for new protections under the Endangered Species Act for an iconic bird of the Great Plains on Wednesday, a move with major consequences for the oil and gas industry.

Angelina Jolie Shines Spotlight on Women Beekeepers

By Michael d'Estries Photo: Dan Winters/National Geographic
Leave it to National Geographic to match Angelina Jolie with a delicate, but powerful supporting cast of honeybees. The actor and humanitarian, in partnership with photographer Dan Winters, was determined to create an image for…

The Seafood Industry Needs a Net-Zero Commitment: No More Endangered Species Caught, Ever

By Caroline Tippett
Seafood is one of the most globally traded food commodities, and demand for it continues to rise. As a result, levels of fishing in many areas of the world are becoming increasingly unsustainable, and the…

What’s the big deal if bees are dying?

By Amanda Coulson-Drasner Photo: Sue Boo
We are losing billions of bees every year to many complicated causes, including climate change, decreasing crop diversity and habitat loss. Why does it matter if bees are around?

Global warming may change the sex of animal populations

By Mike Wehner
Climate change is already devastating certain animal populations, both on the land and in the oceans, and it’s only going to get worse as time goes on if we can’t get our thirst for fossil…

The 5 mass extinction events that shaped the history of Earth — and the 6th that’s happening now

By Scott Dutfield Photo: Getty Images
Scientists define a mass extinction as around three-quarters of all species dying out over a short geological time, which is anything less than 2.8 million years, according to The Conversation. Right now, humans find themselves…

Global warming is threatening animal cognition

By Camilla Soravia Photo: Nicholas B. Pattinson
Most animals need attention, memory, learning, and decision-making mechanisms to process environmental information and adjust their behaviour accordingly. All these mechanisms represent animal cognition; they can affect how quickly an animal reacts when facing a…