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Alaska’s big shift to renewable energy appears stalled, as future access to natural gas in doubt

Anchorage and the rest of urban Alaska are facing a natural gas supply shortage, and fears are rising about how the region will secure reliable access to fuel to heat homes and generate electricity.


Alaska House follows Senate to pass bill authorizing sale of carbon credits from state land

The Alaska House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a bill that would allow the state to set up a system for using state land to sell carbon-offset credits. The House action amounted to final passage of the bill, which was approved the previous day by the state Senate.


As natural gas shortage looms, Alaska utilities and advocates feud over renewable power bill

The two sides agree on the need to wean Alaska’s power grid from its deep dependence on natural gas, but they disagree sharply about how quickly the transition should happen


Alaska Senate, following House, passes measure to extend renewable energy program

A program that has distributed almost $300 million to renewable energy projects in Alaska since 2008 would be made permanent under legislation that passed the state Senate without dissent on Friday.


State agency recommends funding for 27 renewable-energy projects

The Alaska Energy Authority has recommended that the state provide more than $25 million to help develop 27 proposed renewable-energy projects around the state. They include a Golden Valley Electric Association request for funding for meteorological studies around Murphy Dome, where a developer is considering building a large-scale wind farm.


Governor Introduces Legislation Creating the Alaska Energy Independence Fund

This morning, Governor Mike Dunleavy introduced legislation creating the Alaska Energy Independence Fund to increase Alaska’s energy independence and security.


Framingham renewable energy firm to improve Alaska cross-country skiing center

Ameresco, Inc. of Framingham has partnered with Alaska Pacific University to design and upgrade infrastructure at the university’s Thomas Training Center on Eagle Glacier, which houses the school’s Nordic Ski Center for Winter Olympic athletes and world championship cross-country skiing athletes.


In its first bill this year, Alaska House votes to allow environmentally friendly refrigerants

The Alaska House of Representatives voted almost unanimously Wednesday to allow the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants even if they are not specifically allowed by the state building code.


This Road Could Save the Planet—and Carve Up Alaskan Wilderness

The remote Ambler Mining District contains massive lodes of minerals essential to cleantech, but extracting them will likely make an ecological mess.


Kotzebue residents discuss more clean energy projects

Inspired by the recent “Solarize” projects in Anchorage and Kenai, Energy Project Manager at the Native Village of Kotzebue Chad Nordlum said he created the Kotzebue Clean Energy Coalition in January to “foster grassroots involvement in the transition to renewable energy.” The Community Clean Energy Coalition competition sponsored by the Department of Energy gave him the idea.