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Alaskan Native tribal non-profit wins $1.5 m grant for geothermal project

Several tribal communities around the U.S. have received a total of $9 million in federal grant funding for renewable projects, as announced by the U.S. Department of Energy today.
Kawerak, Inc., a tribal non-profit in Nome, Alaska, is seeking to revitalize Pilgrim Hot Springs by providing stable electricity to the area. Kawerak will install an Organic Rankine Cycle system using local geothermal resources at Pilgrim Hot Springs to electrify and heat 18 existing tribal buildings, a water well, a water pump house, and two bathing pools, allowing economic development of this historic site located 60


Governor’s alternative energy agenda would move state toward goal of 80 percent goal for renewable power

By Tim Bradner

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has embraced an aggressive alternative energy agenda with several bills introduced last year and one of the potentially most far-reaching of the proposals, to set renewable energy portfolio standards for electric utilities, just recently introduced.


Tesla deploys big 37-Megapack project in Alaska to replace gas turbines

Homer Electric, a member-owned electric utility cooperative based in Alaska, announced the project based in Kenai Peninsula back in 2019 – shortly after Tesla first unveiled the Megapack.


Renewable energy initiative projects in the works for rural and urban Alaska

Rural communities are broken down into micro-grids, which essentially means that unlike areas on an interconnected grid such as Anchorage, energy cannot be pulled from other providers if there is an outage in the community. Officials with the project say this places importance on the reliability of the generation in a community. Energy determines where people choose to live and REAP wants to make that possible for all rural Alaskans. They hope that by providing this kind of technical assistance, they will help people that make the choice to live in these rural Alaska communities, and do so in the most comfortable fashion possible.


Alaska Climate Change Action Plan Recommendations To The Governor

The climate action leadership team’s (calt) climate change action plan is a compilation of numerous ideas drawn from team members, public comment, and the expert and technical panels convened under the calt’s auspices. This action plan aims to provide a comprehensive approach that strikes a balance between aspirational goals and feasible implementation.


Anchorage Climate Action Plan

In collaboration with the University of Alaska, the Municipality of Anchorage has created a Climate Action Plan that focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change.