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Alaska, everyone’s grappling with climate change

By Nancy Fresco Photo by Philip spor

Coastal villages are washing into the Bering Sea, trees are sprouting in the tundra and shipping lanes are opening in an ocean that was once locked in ice. In Alaska, climate change isn’t a distant or abstract concern.


‘Impossible to Ignore’: Why Alaska Is Crafting a Plan to Fight Climate Change

By Brad Plumer Photo by Josh Haner

In the Trump era, it has mainly been blue states that have taken the lead on climate change policy, with liberal strongholds like California and New York setting ambitious goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.


In Alaska’s Thawing Permafrost, Humanity’s ‘Library Is on Fire’

Archaeologists who work in the Arctic, like Anne Jensen, have a metaphor for what is happening there from global warming. The Library of Alexandria was the most famous site for cultural knowledge and history in ancient Egypt, until it burned down, taking with it an irreplaceable record.