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Alaska’s congressional delegation calls for US to ban Russian energy imports

By Sean Maguire

Alaska’s congressional delegation has joined a bipartisan legislative effort to ban the importation of Russian energy.
“No more Russian energy should come into the United States for the duration of this bloody, horrifying, unprovoked war against Ukraine,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, during a press conference on Thursday.


Dunleavy pitches energy transition to spur economy; utilities proceed with caution

By Elwood Brehmer Photo: Elwood Brehmer , AJOC

It comes down to the fundamentals of economic development, according to Dunleavy. He stressed in an interview with the Journal that Alaska’s economic centers are not able to compete with other states for business investment, and the people that follow, with its current energy situation, and the problem is likely to only get worse without a dramatic change.


Repeat photography shows climate change impacts on real places

By Kristen Pope Photo: G.K. Gilbert and Ron Karpilo

A 2004 photo captures a boat cruising a strip of water where an 1899 picture taken from the same spot shows a giant glacier. On either side of the channel, green trees and shrubs cover a rocky landscape that a century ago had been blanketed with white snow.


Alaska court rules against youths in climate change lawsuit

By Mark Thiessen Photo: AP Photo/Mark Thiessen

The Alaska Supreme Court on Friday upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by 16 young Alaskans who claimed long-term effects of climate change will devastate Alaska and interfere with their individual constitutional rights.


ConocoPhillips’ Plan for Extracting Half-a-Billion Barrels of Crude in Alaska’s Fragile Arctic

By Nicholas Kusnetz Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis

The Biden administration is facing a major test for its climate agenda in the Alaskan Arctic, where an oil company is proposing a 30-year development that would pump more than half-a-billion barrels of petroleum from a fragile and rapidly-warming ecosystem.


Caribou migrations in a changing Arctic

By Joly, K. and others Photo: NPS/Kyle Joly

Caribou are highly adapted to extreme environmental variability, which has allowed them to endure dramatic, historic changes, including multiple ice ages. However, current climate change is happening 2-3 times faster in the Arctic than anywhere else on the planet and perhaps at an unprecedented rate. The key question is: Can caribou, particularly in the face of significant changes in land use and development in the Arctic, keep up with these changes?


Climate change forces polar bears to migrate to Russia from Alaska

By Trends Desk

One of the many signs of global warming is the change in animal population and habitation. Something similar is being witnessed with the polar bear population of Alaska that is rapidly dwindling.


Alaska hits 67 degrees, setting new December record

By Matthew Cappucci and Emily Schwing Photo: Bonnie Jo Mount , The Washington Post

Imagine running a 5K and winning the race by 10 minutes. That’s analogous to what is transpiring in Alaska at the moment. An exceptional slew of records has tumbled in the wake of extreme warmth, with highs up to 45 degrees above average.


Alaska’s arctic waters appear poised for dangerous algal blooms

By Tim Lydon Photo: Design Pics Inc/Alamy Stock Photo

Climate change is bringing potentially deadly dinoflagellate blooms to the Far North, posing a new risk to food security.


Alaska Airlines launches investment arm to accelerate progress to net zero

Today, Alaska Airlines announced the formation of a new LLC, Alaska Star Ventures, to advance emerging technology that will accelerate the airline’s progress toward net zero carbon emissions.  “To live our purpose and create an airline people love, we must operate every day in a way that cares for both people and the environment,” said Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci. “To do that, we are seeking technologies that will accelerate our mission to build a more sustainable future for the aviation industry.”