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Alaska hits 67 degrees, setting new December record

By Matthew Cappucci and Emily Schwing Photo: Bonnie Jo Mount , The Washington Post
Imagine running a 5K and winning the race by 10 minutes. That’s analogous to what is transpiring in Alaska at the moment. An exceptional slew of records has tumbled in the wake of extreme warmth,…

Alaska’s arctic waters appear poised for dangerous algal blooms

By Tim Lydon Photo: Design Pics Inc/Alamy Stock Photo
Climate change is bringing potentially deadly dinoflagellate blooms to the Far North, posing a new risk to food security.

Alaska Airlines launches investment arm to accelerate progress to net zero

Today, Alaska Airlines announced the formation of a new LLC, Alaska Star Ventures, to advance emerging technology that will accelerate the airline's progress toward net zero carbon emissions.  "To live our purpose and create an airline people love,…

At Alaska’s most popular national park, climate change threatens the only road in and out

By Nathaniel Herz Photo: Ash Adams for The Washington Post
Denali National Park has just one road in and out. And each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors fill the park’s trademark buses for tours, hoping for a glimpse of a wolf or a brown…

Alaska redistricting board adopts draft maps for comment

The board tasked with rewriting Alaska's legislative boundaries based on the latest census have adopted two draft maps for comment.

Storms And High Winds Projected To Become More Frequent In Western Alaska

By Greg Kim Photo: Jimmie Lincon
Western Alaska, a region already known for its high winds, is projected to get even windier. In communities along rivers or the coast, that could accelerate erosion through stronger waves. Driving these changes is a…

Climate change risks triggering catastrophic tsunamis, scientist warns

By Clive Cookson
The world is underestimating the geological consequences of global warming, which could trigger catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis as the melting of ice sheets reduces the weight on the crust below and unleashes intense seismic activity,…

Proposed mine that would have destroyed more than 2,800 acres of fragile wetlands will be effectively blocked

By Dyani Chapman and Josh Chetwynd
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will use the Clean Water Act to protect the area’s waters from contamination coming from the proposed Pebble Mine according to reports. This action will basically prevent the mine’s development for…

Emerson helps Alaska wind farm cut costs by 65%

Emerson reported Aug. 9 that it's completed a digital transformation project to increase the reliability of clean energy generated at Golden Valley Electric Association’s Eva Creek wind farm. As the largest electric utility serving northern Alaska, GVEA…