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Justice Dept. Tries to Shift Environmental Justice Efforts From Symbolic to Substantive

By Glenn Thrush and Lisa Friedman Photo: Audra Melton , The New York Times

The Biden administration’s choice of Lowndes as the site of its first big environmental justice inquiry was based on the magnitude of the county’s problems. But it also sent a message. The county was a voting rights battleground and a focal point of Martin Luther King Jr.’s march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, making it a logical choice to open a new front on civil rights.


Damaging storms, tornadoes sweep across Deep South

By Matthew Cappucci and Jason Samenow

A substantial severe weather outbreak swept across the Deep South Wednesday and Wednesday night as intense thunderstorms barreled across the region. Numerous tornadoes touched down amid scores of reports of wind damage.


Mysterious methane clouds reported over Alabama coal mines

By Dennis Pillion

European satellites have detected significant plumes of methane gas hovering over Alabama’s most productive coal region, leaving state environmental authorities and mining industry representatives stumped as to how so much gas is getting into the state’s air.


3 Gulf Coast states get $1.9B in HUD disaster grants

Three Gulf Coast states are getting $1.9 billion in federal grants to help recover from hurricanes and floods over the past two years and become more resilient to climate change, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said Tuesday.


Mercedes opens a battery plant in Alabama, part of a Southern wave.

By Jack Ewing Photo: David Walter

The auto industry’s shift to battery power is expected to lead to job losses because it takes fewer workers to build an electric vehicle than it does to build a car with a gasoline engine. But that probably won’t be the case in Alabama.


New report focuses on how climate change affects Gulf of Mexico

By Pat Duggins Photo: Pixabay

A United Nations report paints a grim picture for the future of the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes that impacted the Mobile area are considered one sign. The United Nations’ report focuses on global warming and what may happen to the Gulf of Mexico if the Earth heats up only a few degrees. The study points to increased storm activity, like Hurricane Ida which killed two people in Alabama and left New Orleans without electricity for days.


Research shows rising greenhouse gases have little influence on Alabama’s weather

By Ray Garner Photo: Steven Van Elk/Unsplash

Alabama State Climatologist Dr. John Christy has released a report that shows that increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have had essentially no impact on the weather and climate in the state of Alabama.


NOAA report: Climate change to bring more extreme rainfall to Alabama

By Siri Hedreen Photo: Cliff Williams / The Outlook

A recent report on the impacts of climate change state by state suggests that Thursday’s weather could become commonplace.


New records suggest Alabama Power paid millions to shadowy consulting groups

By Daniel Tait

Documents recently posted online suggest that Alabama Power engaged in a multi-million dollar effort to monitor environmental groups, exert pressure on regulators, and conduct other political activities.


Quietly, Alabama scientists are preparing for a changing climate

By Pat Byington

In Alabama, we know the drill. Whenever stormy tornadic weather happens, which these days is far too often, we pull out the weather radio or tune in to our favorite weather station. We remind our friends and family where to shelter. We might even dig out a hard hat or helmet from a closet. ‘Be prepared’ is not only a Boy Scout motto—it’s what we do in Alabama when the weather turns dangerous.