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EPA to Fund Studies of Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Agriculture

By Liza Gross

The Environmental Protection Agency announced on Thursday $8 million in new research funding to understand how the toxic compounds known as “forever chemicals” are affecting plants and animals in agricultural, rural and tribal communities. The agency…


Corn Harvests in the Yukon? Study Finds That Climate Change Will Boost Likelihood That Wilderness Gives Way to Agriculture

By Kiley Price

Climate change has the potential to restructure the world’s agricultural landscapes, making it possible to plant crops in places where they have never been viable historically. Within the next 40 years, these new growing regions could overlap with 7 percent of the world’s wilderness areas outside Antarctica, putting those ecosystems at risk, scientists reported Thursday.


Alaska’s newest gold rush: Seaweed

By Juliet Eilperin

Dune Lankard piloted the gleaming gill-net fishing boat to Simpson Bay, where eight buoys bobbed in the sunlight. The bright orange inflatables, connected by lines and spread out across five acres, provided the only indication of the ocean farm that lay beneath the water’s surface…


Climate Change Risk To Global Crops Underestimated

By Chris DeWeese

It sounds like the plot of a dystopian novel: Crop failures occur simultaneously in multiple major food-producing areas around the world, leading to price spikes, food shortages and even civil unrest. But the authors of a new study published this week are warning that our current prediction models underestimate the possibility that such an event could occur.


A new soil carbon bill breaks ground

By Cristel Zoebisch

It is a big day for land-based carbon removal policy. Today, Senators Smith (D-MN) and Young (R-IN) introduced the Advancing Research on Agricultural Climate Impacts Act (ARACI), a critical roadmap to scaling monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) of soil carbon outcomes in agriculture.


USDA launches effort to upgrade climate data tracking

By Ellyn Ferguson

The Agriculture Department will use $300 million to improve its measurement, verification and tracking of carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions as it moves ahead with climate-smart agriculture and forestry efforts, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said.


U.S. Department of Agriculture to invest $300 million in monitoring agricultural emissions

By Melina Walling

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Wednesday that his department will invest $300 million to improve the measurement and reporting of planet-warming emissions by the country’s agriculture and forestry sectors.


Georgia peach farmers pursuing solutions to crop losses caused by climate change

By Gautama Mehta

Middle Georgia’s peach growers, who have been devastated by a harvest ruined by bad weather, have little in the way of financial recourse to offset their losses.


‘An Insane Amount of Water’: What Climate Change Means For California’s Biggest Dairy District

Tulare County is the largest dairy producer in California and the US. But as climate change exposes the region’s vulnerability, could the industry collapse under its own weight?


Climate change ratchets up the stress on farmworkers on the front lines of a warming Earth

By Melina Walling

Mily Trevino-Sauceda was 9 when her mother fell as she worked to move irrigation pipes along rows of potato and alfalfa on an Idaho farm. Mily’s 10-year-old brother splashed water over their mother’s face and body while her children looked on, scared and crying. Their mother had fainted from the heat, and could never again work as fast or as long in the sun.