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COP27: We didn’t back off!

COP27 was one of the most challenging UN Climate Summits to civil society participation, but our movement showed that our commitment to climate justice and human rights knows no borders or limits…


What we’ve been up to

From standing up to a mega-pipeline in East Africa, to pushing for action at the UN climate talks – a lot has happened in the last few months at 350. So this feels like a good…


The right choice for people, the future and climate

For us, an energy transition is about cheap, clean, fast, local energy access to hundreds of millions of people. It means cleaner air and local green jobs….


⚡G20 and Indonesia’s energy transition⚡

The G20 summit may be over – delivering some ‘promising’ outcomes – but the work on ensuring a REAL just transition for Indonesia is far from over….


What are the JETPs everyone is talking about?

With COP27 and G20 happening this week, the acronym has been popular in news articles and social media. But what does it stand for? And is it a good thing?…