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Taking on EACOP – some big wins but we can’t stop yet

This past week, our movement and coalition to #StopEACOP has celebrated some big victories, but there is still more to do to Stop EACOP once and for all. …


Newly Released EU Energy Strategy Undermines Previous Calls for a Just Transition

The newly released REpowerEU International Energy Strategy calls for a reckless course of action regarding decreasing reliance on fossil fuels from Russia by calling on the United States, Canada, Africa and Gulf countries to develop…


2022 Philippine election results: Finding courage in the face of grief

Together we need to instill a sense that there is something that can be done together right now – that we can survive defeat to fight again. …


7 major people-powered climate wins in Europe

European leaders may have failed to take meaningful action on the climate crisis, but these major climate wins show us that people power was stronger than ever. …


Climate Justice: Four Things COP27 Must Achieve

The first ministerial meeting since COP26 is taking place this week in Copenhagen, coming after the two latest IPCC reports reiterated the urgent need to stop burning fossil fuels and transition to a renewable energy…


Pacific Climate Warrior wins 2022 Global Citizen Award

Brianna Fruean, a Samoan Pacific Climate Warrior and environmental champion has been announced as a recipient of the Global Citizen Prize: Citizen Award …


Fossil Money (IV): Down the Pipeline

Fossil money comes from banks and financial institutions, but where does it go? We explore the downstream of the money pipeline. …


Why the Threat to Roe v. Wade is about Race, Class, and Climate

As the United States faces attacks on reproductive rights and on the government’s ability to tackle the climate crisis, here’s why our movements must come together to protect our collective future. …


Shining a light in the darkness from the Philippines

Yeb Saño, 350 Board Member and Executive Director of Greenpeace South East Asia, writes about the shocking national election results in the Philippines. His message also resonates on many levels with what is happening in…


Philippines Commission on Human Rights’ climate inquiry issues a challenge for climate action ahead of national elections.

The Philippine Commission on Human Rights’ National Inquiry on Climate Change brings legal precedence on the accountability of the world’s largest polluters for the climate crisis. …