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Why Biden calls Trump a ‘climate arsonist’ – video explainer

By Emily Holden, Alex Healey, Katie Lamborn and Nikhita Chulani

As part of our climate countdown series, the Guardian’s Emily Holden looks at how the US is far off the path of what is necessary to avoid catastrophic global heating – and examines why the Democratic presidential nominee calls his rival a ‘climate arsonist’


Climate at a crossroads as Trump and Biden point in different directions

by Oliver Milman Photo: Kevin Lamarque, Reuters

The two US presidential contenders offer starkly different approaches as the world tries to avoid catastrophic global heating


Polling Shows Growing Climate Concern Among Americans. But Outsized Influence of Deniers Remains a Roadblock

By Dana Drugman

More Americans than ever before — 54 percent, recent polling data shows — are alarmed or concerned about climate change, which scientists warn is a planetary emergency unfolding in the form of searing heat, prolonged drought, massive wildfires, monstrous storms, and other extremes.


Climate Congress 2020

Over the next six months, we will be charged with responding to the COVID-19 crisis, building the movement for a Green New Deal, and protecting our democracy as our nation grapples with how to recover from thepandemic. It will take each and everyone of us to fight for a just recovery from this crisis, and to build the electorate needed to pass a Green New Deal that ensures long term climate resiliency and protect us from future crises.


The most detailed climate plan in U.S. history

In this special episode, we talk to Florida Democrat Kathy Castor, who chairs the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis in the House of Representatives.

CCLers connect with climate voters

Election Day is just two weeks from now. Many CCL volunteers are voting early and sharing snapshots of themselves with the hashtag #ClimateVoter. We’ve loved seeing you participate in democracy in this way!


By Calling Climate Change ‘Controversial,’ Barrett Created Controversy

By John Schwartz and Hiroko Tabuchi

Judge Amy Coney Barrett refused to answer numerous questions, but it was her avoidance of acknowledging climate change that particularly resonated.


A Field Guide to the Election and Climate Change

By Brad Plumer

The climate crisis has risen as a major concern among voters. The two candidates have profoundly different approaches on energy, public lands and environmental priorities.


Biden wins over Pennsylvania union leaders worried about his climate plan

By Josh Siegel

oe Biden has persuaded some leaders of fossil fuel-heavy building trade unions in Pennsylvania that his climate policies won’t harm them, a key development in a swing state expected to be decided by small margins.