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EPA preps for transition of power with unusual change to succession orders

By Rebecca Beitsch Photo: Paul Morigi, Paul Marotta, and Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A new line of succession established at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leaves an official who was slotted into a newly created high-ranking role just a month ago in charge on Inauguration Day.


Climate Policy in the Biden Era: A House Divided

By Joel Stronberg

The momentum of the 2018 Congressional midterm elections in which the Democrats gained 42 seats and regained their majority status in the House of Representatives lost steam in 2020. It had been expected that the 2020 elections would build on the 2018 victories and possibly lead to capturing the Senate.


Granholm will Be Energy Secretary

By Peter Sinclair

President-elect Joe Biden will reportedly nominate Oakland resident Jennifer Granholm, a former Michigan governor who teaches at UC Berkeley, to lead the Department of Energy, signaling a shift in the agency’s focus toward championing renewable energy and combating climate change.


The World Needs Biden to Lead on Climate Reporting

By Michael R. Bloomberg Photo by Saeed Khan

President-elect Joe Biden’s pledge to rejoin the Paris climate agreement sends an important signal to the world about U.S. leadership. But the action will merely take us back to four years ago. To push us forward, on his first day in office, President Biden should bring together a group of G-20 leaders to join the U.S. in endorsing a mandatory standard for global businesses to measure and report the risks they face from climate change.


Why Business Should Back a Biden Climate Plan

By Kate Zerrenner

During the George W. Bush presidential administration, I worked for the Government Accountability Office. One project on which I worked was a look at the economic costs and benefits of the U.S. not taking action on climate change.


On environmental protection, Biden’s election will mean a 180-degree turn from Trump policies

By Janet McCabe Photo: Michael Quinn, NPS/Flickr, CC BY

The Trump administration has waged what I and many other legal experts view as an all-out assault on the nation’s environmental laws for the past four years. Decisions at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Interior Department and other agencies have weakened the guardrails that protect our nation’s air, water and public lands, and have sided with industry rather than advocating for public health and the environment.


Scientists relieved as Joe Biden wins tight US presidential election

By Jeff Tollefson Photo: Andrew Harnik-Pool, Getty

The new president has the opportunity to reverse four years of anti-science policies — but he has a hard road ahead as he inherits a nation divided.


This election, science seems more political than ever. Is it?

By Victoria Knight, KHN Photo: Vlad Tchompalov / Unsplash

Some research shows increasing political divides this year as a pandemic thrusts science into the election spotlight.


Turning Out the Young

By Annabelle Williams Photo: Kathy Willens, AP Photo

How the Sunrise Movement is mobilizing the youth vote—with a mix of reluctance and enthusiasm—for Biden