Like journalists, opinion writers, TV newscasters and commentators, political cartoonists were quick to respond to the Green New Deal (GND) – a climate change initiative introduced in early February, 2019 by two liberal northeastern Democrats in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. 

Then they went after climate denialists during the Texas freeze. Where left and right had  diverged sharply on wind turbines and government regulations, this time some liberal/centrists “flipped the scripts of their conservative counterparts.”

And, most recently, when the IPCC report was released in August, only one cartoonist got into the actual contents of the report itself  according to the wonderful Michael Svoboda, who does much of this analysis regularly for Yale Climate Connections. In his most recent piece, he pulled cartoons from, which sorts artists by their political lean, USA Today (liberal, centrist, and conservative), Townhall (conservative and centrist), and Cagle (liberal, centrist, conservative).

CREDIT: MICHAEL SVOBODA, reproduced here

Those below are all reproduced from the Union for Concerned Scientists.