It is generally accepted by climate-change activists that burning fossil fuels, which put CO2 into our ecosystem, is the principal cause of climate change. And it is generally accepted that “putting a price on carbon”, taxing the fuels that emit the CO2 (and therefore price-favoring energy sources that do not) is a useful strategy.

Putting a price on carbon can be done two different ways. One is called “cap and trade” — setting limits on how much CO2 we will accept and selling “permits” to burn the fossil fuel that will produce that limited amount. The demand for those licenses effectively determines the price paid for them.

The other method is simply to “tax” the fossil fuels based on the emissions they generate.

There is a difference of opinion among activists about which is better. But the big differences of opinion, the ones that cause disagreements that slow down the efforts to put a price on carbon, are about “what to do with the revenue raised”.

Dedicated activists often want to devote those revenues to promote green energy or to redress people suffering climate injustice. Other activists (including one of the founders of this site) support carbon-fee-and-dividend, by which all the revenue raised pricing carbon is simply returned in equal shares to everybody. This approach has the advantage of being much more politically palatable since most people — 70 percent or more — get more back in their carbon “dividend” than the fees cost them in increased energy costs.

Our own Mike Shatzkin spoke to these issues at the Sarasota Institute in the spring of 2020.

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June Developments Point To Inevitability Of National Carbon Price

By Andy Stone  Photo: AFP via Getty Images   06/30/20  
The largest study on the topic to date demonstrates that the higher a country’s carbon price, the more it reduces emissions.

Carbon pricing is growing globally, but still faces headwinds in the U.S.

By Ben Geman  Chart: Axios Visuals   06/01/20  
Carbon pricing via taxes and emissions trading systems are growing worldwide but confront a mix of old and new problems, a new World Bank report shows.

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Rhode Island’s carbon-pricing study is officially underway amid an uncertain future for local efforts to address the climate crisis.

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A group of five economists from Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy has published “An Assessment of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.” This study offers an up-to-date, independent assessment of the Energy…

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Microsoft, Pepsi, Levi's and others are calling for carbon taxes or fees that could scale up innovation fast enough to combat climate change.

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How does the new carbon pricing bill stack up? By Jerry Hinkle, CCL Economics Policy Network Upon the introduction of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, legislation authored by Representative Deutch and others (herein referred…

A Carbon Tax Wave? 7 States Considering Carbon Pricing to Fight Climate Change

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Considering the defeat of a carbon tax in Washington this last election, it is stunning to see that we now have 7 states considering carbon pricing! Adding these states to those that already have some…

CCL mobilizes for Washington carbon pricing

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Coast to coast state carbon pricing efforts

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Coast to coast state carbon pricing efforts  By Lynn Meyer  With raging wildfires polluting the air throughout the northwest, storms and flooding ravaging the east coast, and red tide closing the gulf state beaches, it’s…

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Although Washington state’s proposed carbon tax failed at the ballot box, carbon pricing remains one of the best policy solutions to mitigate the effects of climate changes as the window to keep global warming below…

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