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Three ways to reduce the carbon footprint of food purchased by US households

Most consumers want to make food purchases that are smart for their wallets, their health and the environment. And while switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet can lower one's impact on greenhouse gas emissions,…

Three Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A greenhouse gas is a gas which absorbs infrared radiation. These gases, when they absorb this radiation, trap heat that would otherwise escape the planet’s atmosphere and filter off into space. Radiation which is unable to escape…

We need to talk about the most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint

We need to be honest about not just the behavioral changes that will make the biggest difference in reducing emissions, but about what it will take to get there.

A Guide to the Good, Low-Carbon Life

For about the last 10 years, environmental law professor Karl Coplan has been trying to winnow down his direct footprint of carbon-dioxide emissions. He has been successful, and has just published a book chronicling his…

Climate Change Food Calculator: What’s your diet’s carbon footprint?

Avoiding meat and dairy products is one of the biggest ways to reduce your environmental impact, according to recent scientific studies.


Your website could be doing the environment dirty. Here’s how to clean it up.

By Angely Mercado  Photo: Jessica Lynn Lewis from Pexels   10/26/21  
No trees are seemingly cut down every time you Google something or read a social media post on your phone or laptop. But websites alone do create emissions—internet usage is responsible for almost four percent…

Beef Industry Tries to Erase Its Emissions With Fuzzy Methane Math

By Ben Elgin  Illustration: Ian Grandjean   10/19/21  
Scientists with the world’s top climate organization made reducing meat consumption an official policy recommendation in 2019, echoing what environmentalists had urged for years: Eating less meat, in particular beef, reduces the large volume of…

Forget Your Carbon Footprint. Let’s Talk About Your Climate Shadow.

By Emma Pattee  Photo: Peter Gamlen for Mic   10/12/21  
onsider these two people: One flies weekly for work; the other lives in a studio apartment and walks to the office every day. On the surface, it’s clear here who has the bigger carbon footprint.…

Google Cloud will now show its users their carbon footprint in the cloud

By Frederic Lardinois  Photo: Westend61 / Getty Images   10/12/21  
Google Cloud today announced a new (and free) feature that will provide its users with custom carbon footprint reports that detail the carbon emissions their cloud usage generates.

Google Flights will now show you the environmental impact of your travel

By Natalie B. Compton  Photo: María Alconada Brooks   10/06/21  
To help users find more sustainable travel options, Google launched a feature Wednesday that will show a carbon-emissions estimate for almost every flight in its search results. Now, along with price and duration, travelers will…

Google launches new features to help users shrink their carbon footprints

By Justine Calma  Photo: Google   10/06/21  
Google announced a suite of new features that it says will help people who use their platforms make more sustainable choices. The new services focus on reducing planet-heating greenhouse gas emissions and are primarily found on Search,…

Companies bet carbon labels can help the climate. Will consumers catch on?

By Jessica Wolfrom  Photo: Elaine Thompson/Associated Press   06/17/21  
The world is littered with labels — markers that tell you how many calories are in a candy bar or if a tomato is organic. Now, companies are creating labels to show consumers the environmental…

The Fallacy of Our Carbon Footprint

By Emma Pattee   05/10/21  
In 1992, a Canadian ecologist named William Rees coined the term “ecological footprint,” a measurement of how much any entity was impacting the planet’s ecology. A decade later, British Petroleum started promoting a new term:…

Bag the Carbon Calculators. You Didn’t Cause This.

By Peter Sinclair   10/08/20  
“But what can I do to fight climate change?” is a frequently asked question for anyone that does communication on this topic – and I used to have a ready list of everyday things one…

Gordon: Logging, carbon capture could help limit severe wildfires, reduce carbon footprint

By Brendan LaChance  Photo by John Roedel   10/05/20  
Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said during a Monday, Oct. 5 press conference that “we have got to embrace that we have got to do a better job of managing our forests.” Gordon’s comments came as…

Big Data to Calculate Carbon

By Chris Clayton   08/03/20  
New Ag Tech Programs Stress Reducing Environmental Footprint While Boosting Profitability

Changing how we make solar panels could reduce their carbon emissions

By Donna Lu  Photo: Xinhua / Alamy   07/31/20  
Changing the way we make solar panels could reduce their carbon footprint, providing a boost to green energy.

Carbon accountability: keeping emissions low as the U.S. reopens

By Katherine Gallagher   07/25/20  
As global carbon emissions continue to decrease due to COVID-19, history shows that this drop may not be sustainable. The Great Depression saw a carbon emissions drop of 26% as industrial production in the United…

New model proposed to reduce carbon footprint

By Lea Jones  Photo: CC0 Public Domain   07/21/20  
Prior to the global pandemic, climate researchers identified an uncomfortable truth: the very meetings and events meant to support the fight against climate change were themselves causing vast greenhouse gas emissions through international air travel.

Offsetting carbon emissions, one ton at a time

By Tina Rodia   07/20/20  
Prior to the global pandemic, climate researchers identified an uncomfortable truth: the very meetings and events meant to support the fight against climate change were themselves causing vast greenhouse gas emissions through international air travel.

Data Science: The Key Tool Cities Need To Reduce Carbon Emissions

By Ankit Mishra   07/13/20  
Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, policymakers and scientists leveraged data insights to track and contain the virus in cities. As the economy begins to reopen, cities must continue to use data to not only monitor Covid-19…

Sport’s carbon footprint is global bad news

By Alex Kirby  Photo: Thomas Serer on Unsplash   06/22/20  
The amount of damage caused by global sport’s carbon footprint and the other forms of climate pollution sport produces matches the havoc resulting from the activities of entire countries, a new study by a British…

Allbirds Is The First Fashion Brand To Label Its Carbon Footprint Like Calories

By Lela London   04/15/20  
Sustainable fashion brand Allbirds has just announced it has become the first fashion brand to label every item produced with its carbon footprint.

Does Knowing the Carbon Footprint of Meat Make Us Eat Less of It? | Sierra Club

I tried the Meat Footprint Calculator to find out...

Factcheck: What is the carbon footprint of streaming video on Netflix?

The use of streaming video is growing exponentially around the world. These services are associated with energy use and carbon emissions from devices, network infrastructure and data centres. Yet, contrary to a slew of recent…

Area looking toward composting to reduce carbon footprint

By Charlotte Rene Woods  Photo: Charlotte Rene Woods Charlottesville Tomorrow   12/16/19  
What would the future of composting look like in the region? Local stakeholders and an out-of-state company are trying to figure that out.

‘Greta Thunberg effect’ driving growth in carbon offsetting

NGOs report fourfold increases in investments in carbon-reducing projects in developing countries Growing concern about the climate crisis and the “Greta Thunberg effect” are driving huge increases in individuals and businesses choosing to offset their…

Asthma Patients Can Minimize Carbon Footprint by Using ‘Greener’ Inhalers

For people suffering from asthma, an inhaler is an indispensable, life-saving accessory that always needs to be within reach. Now, a new study from the University...

Food for thought on our carbon footprint | Letters

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS   10/29/19  
Artificially grown ‘meat’ has the potential to reduce carbon emissions, argues Patrick Cosgrove. As for Extinction Rebellion, its aims couldn’t be clearer, according to Mark Haworth-Booth The close correlation between diet and environment that has…

Purchase College, 19 other institutes go green to reduce carbon footprint

By Isabel Keane   09/18/19  
A coalition of New York state's higher education institutions, including Westchester County's Purchase College, will buy renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint on campuses.

Choosing chicken over beef cuts our carbon footprints a surprising amount

By Stephen Leahy  Photo: Luca Locatelli   06/10/19  
Replacing the carbon-heavy beef on your plate with carbon-light chicken will cut your dietary carbon footprint a shocking amount: in half. That’s according to a first-ever national study of U.S. eating habits and their carbon…

Tourism Responsible for 8% of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Study Finds

By Daisy Dunne   05/16/18  
The study, which looks at the spending habits of travellers in 160 countries, shows that the impact of tourism on global emissions could be four times larger than previously thought.

We need to talk about the most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint

By Sarah DeWeerdt   07/18/17  
We need to be honest about not just the behavioral changes that will make the biggest difference in reducing emissions, but about what it will take to get there.

Plastic Has A Big Carbon Footprint — But That Isn’t The Whole Story

By Christopher Joyce   06/09/19  
Plastic waste gets a lot of attention when photos of dead whales with stomachs full of plastic bags hit the news. Pieces of plastic also litter cities, and tiny plastic particles are even floating in…