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President George Washington created the Cabinet by having meetings with three advisers, but James Madison gave the group its enduring name. Today, the President’s Cabinet has expanded from three to fifteen, including the Vice President. Cabinet members determine the order of succession should the President pass away or be unable to serve — the Secretary of State, for example, follows the Vice President, Speaker of the House, and President pro tempore of the Senate — but they are also heads of their own Executive Departments. Cabinet members are nominated by the President and require a majority vote from the Senate to be confirmed.

Examples include the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Energy, the Department of the Interior, and the Department of Transportation. The presidentially-appointed Secretaries of each Department develop, enforce, and oversee federal regulations. Because climate change touches every single aspect of our lives, the position of every government leader towards climate change has significant consequence; however, there are certain positions, like Head of the Department of Energy and the Department of Interior, where this connection is especially explicit.

It is for this reason that, on occasion, the relationship between a Cabinet member and private interests have drawn public ire. For example, it doesn’t sit well that Dan Brouillette, the Secretary of Energy under President Trump, was a former lobbyist for Ford Motor Company. Similarly, Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt, was a former lobbyist for oil and gas companiesThese conflicts of interest are undoubtedly connected to the approximately 100 environmental rollbacks that occurred under President Trump.

Most of these rollbacks came from the Environmental Protection Agency, then headed by Andrew Wheeler. While the EPA Administrator is not a part of the Cabinet, the position has Cabinet-level rank, and also has regulatory power. Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, continued trends set by former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt (who was also appointed by Trump and one who does not believe in scientific evidence supporting climate change) to aggressively challenge Obama-era environmental regulations. As Gina McCarthy, head of the EPA under Obama vocalized, rollbacks that allow for increased pollution exacerbate the threat of Covid-19, particularly for marginalized populations who are more likely to live in areas with poor air quality and less likely to have access to health insurance.

Many of President Joe Biden’s climate team have been announced.

  • John Kerry has been, a cabinet level post named special presidential envoy on climate change with a seat on the National Security Council. Kerry helped write and steer the negotiation of the Paris Agreement, and the appointment signals Joe Biden’s commitment to the climate crisis.
  • Jennifer Granholm will be the Energy Secretary. A former governor of Michigan, she is currently teaching at UC Berkeley and will be the second woman to run the 14,000-employee department, long focused on maintaining the nation’s stockpile of nuclear weapons. She has long advocated for renewable energy sources.
  • Michael Regan will run the EPA, and will be responsible for crafting fuel-efficiency standards for the nation’s cars and trucks, overseeing emissions from power plants and oil and gas facilities, and cleaning up the country’s most polluted sites.
  • Deb Haaland, if confirmed, will be the Interior Secretary. Haaland, a member of the Pueblo of Laguna, will be in charge of an agency that has tremendous sway over the nearly 600 federally recognized tribes as well as over much of the nation’s vast public lands, waterways, wildlife, national parks and mineral wealth.
  • David Hayes, will be special assistant to the president for climate policy, coming to the Biden White House with a background in both the Obama and Clinton administrations, as deputy secretary at the Department of the Interior.
  • Brenda Mallory will be the Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality, and  brings deep and versatile expertise working directly with communities and partners across the public and private sectors to solve climate challenges and advance environmental protection and environmental justice.
  • Gina McCarthy will be the first-ever National Climate Advisor. McCarthy will head up the newly formed White House Office of Climate Policy, where she will drive an “all of government” approach to combating climate change. A leading voice on climate and environmental issues for more than 30 years, she will oversee the National Climate Task Force, which President Biden created as part of a series of executive actions during his first week in office.
  • Ali Zaidi will be Deputy National Climate Advisor, Zaidi helped draft and implement the Obama-Biden Administration’s Climate Action Plan and negotiate the Paris Climate Agreement.



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As part of a White House roundtable to launch the Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) Grand Challenge to decarbonize the aviation sector by 2050, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced $64.7 million in funding for projects focused on producing cost-effective, low-carbon biofuels. These investments will advance technologies to create replacements for petroleum fuels used in heavy-duty forms of…

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EPA announces new members of science board after firing Trump appointees

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday announced the new members of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) after previously firing the board members who had been appointed during the Trump administration.

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DOE Quietly Backs Plan for Carbon Capture Network Larger Than Entire Oil Pipeline System

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DoD will soon release climate change strategy that will impact almost every facet of the military

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The Defense Department says it will have a plan to make climate change a main factor in the further strategy of the military’s operations, risk assessments and programming by Sept. 1.

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Democrat presses Haaland on oil and gas review

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said for the first time that climate change is being driven at least in part by humans.

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Deb Haaland Scraps A Slew Of Fossil Fuel-Friendly Trump Orders

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With the stroke of a pen on Friday, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland dismantled a sizable chunk of her predecessors’ legacies, revoking a dozen Trump-era secretarial orders that sought to boost fossil fuel and other extraction…

Biden picks energy lawyer Tommy Beaudreau as Interior Department’s No. 2 official

By Dino Grandoni, Juliet Eilperin and Joshua Partlow  Photo: Rich Clement/Bloomberg News   04/14/21  
President Biden announced Wednesday that he will nominate Tommy Beaudreau to be deputy secretary of the Interior Department, ending a standoff between the White House and senators from fossil-fuel-rich states who derailed the president’s first…

EPA dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump

By Dino Grandoni   04/01/21  
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan will purge more than 40 outside experts appointed under President Donald Trump from two key advisory panels, a move he says will help restore the role of science at the agency…

Rolling back a rollback: Buttigieg deletes some Trump-era limits on regulation

By Michael Laris   03/25/21  
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg moved Wednesday to undo key deregulatory actions by the Trump administration, an overhaul that department officials said was necessary to address challenges that include climate change, racial injustices, the coronavirus pandemic…

John Kerry embarks on his latest mission: saving the world

By Jess Bidgood  Photo: Stephane De Sakutin   03/19/21  
Earlier this month, John Kerry, the recently vaccinated elder statesman of American climate politics, boarded a commercial redeye for a trip to London, Brussels, and Paris with a single aide and the understated mission of…

Haaland confirmed by Senate as first Native American to lead Interior

By Darryl Fears   03/16/21  
As thousands of Native Americans watched online, Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) was confirmed as secretary of the Interior Department by a 51-to-40 vote in the Senate, making her the first American Indian to lead an…

New EPA administrator: ‘Science is back’

By Brady Dennis and Dino Grandoni  Photo by Caroline Brehman   03/16/21  
Michael Regan has bold aspirations, and a long to-do list, as President Biden’s newly confirmed Environmental Protection Agency administrator. He wants to hasten the nation’s shift to cleaner forms of energy, make transformational investments in…

Senate Confirms Biden’s Pick to Lead E.P.A.

By Lisa Friedman  Photo by Brandon Bell   03/10/21  
The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Michael S. Regan, the former top environmental regulator for North Carolina, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency and drive some of the Biden administration’s biggest climate and regulatory policies.

Biden’s Justice Dept. already has split from Trump. Merrick Garland will go even further

By Matt Zapotosky  Photo by Demetrius Freeman   03/10/21  
For nearly two months, the Justice Department has quietly rolled back several Trump-era policies and shifted positions in civil cases, moves that officials see as relatively noncontroversial returns to previous ways of doing business.

Who are President Biden’s Cabinet members and nominees?

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Blinken is a veteran of the Obama White House and worked as a senior advisor to then-Sen. Joe Biden before that. He and the president have a close relationship, and share a foreign policy philosophy…

Pete Buttigieg Has Some Ideas for Overhauling How America Moves Around

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Pete Buttigieg, the man now responsible for managing the means by which Americans travel trillions of miles per year, can’t leave his house. Just days after he was confirmed as secretary of transportation, a member…

Reversing Trump, Interior Department Moves Swiftly on Climate Change

By Lisa Friedman  Photo by Jim Watson   03/02/21  
As the Interior Department awaits its new secretary, the agency is already moving to lock in key parts of President Biden’s environmental agenda, particularly on oil and gas restrictions, laying the groundwork to fulfill some…

Jennifer Granholm is confirmed as energy secretary.

By Brad Plumer  Photo: Graeme Jennings   02/25/21  
The Senate confirmed Jennifer M. Granholm to be energy secretary on Thursday, positioning the former governor of Michigan to play a key role in President Biden’s plans to confront climate change.

Senate confirms former Michigan governor Granholm as Energy secretary

By Rachel Frazin   02/25/21  
The Senate on Thursday confirmed Jennifer Granholm to lead the Energy Department, making her the latest Cabinet nominee to secure confirmation this week. She was confirmed in a 64-35 vote, with 14 Republicans joining all 50 Senate Democrats in…

Manchin backs Haaland to lead Interior Department

By Anthony Adragna  Photo by Leigh Vogel   02/24/21  
Senate Energy Chair Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said on Wednesday he supported the nomination of Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) to lead the Interior Department, delivering a crucial boost for the New Mexico lawmaker to be the…

Buttigieg Sets Climate, Race Equity as Infrastructure Priorities

By Lillianna Byington  Photo by Stefani Reynolds   02/17/21  
The Biden administration is revamping a key infrastructure grant program to prioritize projects that address climate change and racial equity. The Transportation Department included the new criteria in its announcement Wednesday that it will award…

Interior Secretary Nominee on Collision Course With Oil Industry

By Timothy Puko   02/14/21  
Deb Haaland is poised to make history on two fronts, as both the first Native American cabinet secretary and as the architect of what could be a landmark change in the U.S. government’s relationship with…

The Energy 202: GOP opposition to Haaland as interior secretary grows

By Dino Grandoni  Photo by Stefani Reynolds   02/09/21  
Frustration among Republicans with President Biden's climate policies has coalesced around one of his most historic Cabinet picks — Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.). Biden's pick to be interior secretary will be tasked with carrying out…