Every year, the Office of Management and Budget presents the President’s request for the next year’s discretionary funding. On April 9, 2021, the Acting Director, Shalanda Young sent through the Administration’s proposal for “top line” fiscal year 2022 discretionary funding. She pointed out that although the enclosures she attached reflect only one piece of the President’s broader agenda, they do include “a range of proposals that lay a foundation to reinvest in the Nation’s strength.”

Because 2021 is a transition year, the final Budget will only be made available in the months ahead. Her accompanying documents remind everyone that America is confronting four crises of unprecedented scope: the pandemic, an economic crisis leaving millions out of work, a national reckoning on racial inequity and the growing threat of climate change. It also recognizes that Congress began the important work of repairing and rebuilding a better, stronger, more secure, and more inclusive America when they passed the President’s American Rescue Plan.


DR 4/9/21