Great writers on climate change are creating blogs for their own sites, such as John Englander on sea level rise; and Joel Stronberg on politics and climate change. Some are finding their way to aggregators like Medium, and some are simply aligned with great websites like DeSmog and the Union of Concerned Scientists.


B the Change

Published by B Lab and the community of B Corps., B the Change features the stories of people using business as a force for good.


Renewable energy projects you can build. Keep up-to-date on what’s new on Build-It-Solar, and discuss renewable energy topics.

Cap Carbon Now

This blog explains what Pure Cap-and-Dividend means (a good place to start is here), how it differs from more limited cap-and-trade proposals, and why it is superior to other policy options.

Carbon Brief

Carbon Brief is UK-based and covers the latest developments in climate science, climate policy and energy policy. 

Carbon Tax Center

CTC’s blog addresses carbon tax and climate related issues. Their mission is to generate support to enact a transparent and equitable U.S. carbon pollution tax, as quickly as possible. 

Carbon Tracker

Carbon Tracker focuses on the impact of climate change on capital markets and investment in fossil fuels. 

Civil Eats


Civil Eats is a daily news source for critical thought about the American food system. 

Civil Notion

Joel Stronberg, Esq., of The JBS Group is a veteran clean energy policy analyst with over 30 years’ experience, based in Washington, DC. He writes about climate politics and has a podcast, Zero Net Fifty with co-host Jennifer Delony.