How the U.S. Lost Ground to China in the Contest for Clean Energy

Tom Perriello saw it coming but could do nothing to stop it. André Kapanga too. Despite urgent emails, phone calls and personal pleas, they watched helplessly as a company backed by the Chinese government took…

Why New Battery Tech Will Revolutionize The Transportation Industry

New battery technology has long been the ambition among automotive manufacturers. Industry players are hopeful that improved tech will bring improved energy density, longer lifespans, and faster recharging.

The Push for American Lithium Is a Sustainability Issue

In early July, General Motors announced it had made a “strategic investment” in Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR), a company that is planning to produce lithium for electric vehicle (EV) batteries in a cogeneration project with a geothermal…

Endangered Flower at Crossroads of U.S.’s Lithium Future

A battle is raging in Nevada as the U.S. Fish, and Wildlife Service announces it will be listing Tiehm’s buckwheat flower as an endangered species, striking a blow to a lithium mining project in the region. Lithium is required for…

Mineral constraints for transition overstated by IEA

The IEA looked into the amount of minerals needed to fuel the energy transition, and pretty quickly worked out ‘there is no shortage of resources’.  The world has plenty of lithium, nickel, rare earth metals…


Stellantis confirms plans for solid-state batteries, 4 EV platforms

By Viknesh Vijayenthiran   07/08/21  
Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares laid out the company's electrification plans for the coming decade during an online presentation held on Thursday. Key to the plans is the introduction of four battery-electric platforms to cover Stellantis'…

Solid-State batteries are already being installed in city buses: update

By Bengt Halvorson   07/07/21  
As each automaker adds urgency to its electric-vehicle business plan and mentions solid-state battery technology as the future, remember this: Solid-state cells are already in use in vehicles, just about every day.

The Role Of Battery Recycling In The Circular Economy: Part 3 – The Role of Policy

By Kezi Cheng and others   06/25/21  
Battery chemistries are changing rapidly, and battery designs with significantly lower cobalt content could dramatically impact profitability. One of the biggest challenges these companies face is inhomogeneous input material. Furthermore, solid state or lithium metal…

Why ‘nuclear batteries’ offer a new approach to carbon-free energy

By David L. Chandler   06/25/21  
We may be on the brink of a new paradigm for nuclear power, a group of nuclear specialists suggested recently in The Bridge, the journal of the National Academy of Engineering. Much as large, expensive,…

The Role Of Battery Recycling In The Circular Economy: Supply Chain, Logistics and Profitability

By Kezi Cheng and others  Photo: Getty Images   06/24/21  
The current battery supply chain is shown in red in Figure 2. Low grade (e.g. 50%) material from mines is refined by a smelter to 97-99%, and further upgraded to battery specifications (99.9% or greater),…

The Role Of Battery Recycling In The Circular Economy: Part 1 – Key Technologies

By Kezi Cheng and Others  Photo: Getty Images   06/23/21  
Only a few major battery innovations (Lead Acid by Plante, Nickel Cadmium by Jungner, Lithium-ion by Goodenough/Sony) have reached significant market penetration since the 1800s. As of 2018, over 90% of large‐scale battery storage power…

U.S. to work with allies to secure electric vehicle metals

By Trevor Hunnicutt and Ernest Scheyder  Photo: Reuters/rebecca Cook/file Photo/file Photo   06/09/21  
The United States must work with allies to secure the minerals needed for electric vehicle batteries and process them domestically in light of environmental and other competing interests, the White House said on Tuesday. The…

Developer Of Aluminum-Ion Battery Claims It Charges 60 Times Faster Than Lithium

By Michael Ray Taylor  Photo: Graphene Manufacturing Group   05/13/21  
Range anxiety, recycling and fast-charging fears could all be consigned to electric-vehicle history with a nanotech-driven Australian battery invention. The graphene aluminum-ion battery cells from the Brisbane-based Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) are claimed to charge…

The Lithium Gold Rush: Inside the Race to Power Electric Vehicles

By Ivan Penn and Eric Lipton  Photo: Gabriella Angotti-Jones   05/06/21  
A race is on to produce lithium in the United States, but competing projects are taking very different approaches to extracting the vital raw material. Some might not be very green.

IEA: Mineral supplies for electric cars ‘must increase 30-fold’ to meet climate goals

By Josh Gabbatiss   05/05/21  
At least 30 times as much lithium, nickel and other key minerals may be required by the electric car industry by 2040 to meet global climate targets, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Nevada sees lithium ‘white gold rush’ as demand set to skyrocket

ABC News   04/23/21  
In the Nevada desert, there’s a quiet frenzy building over a rare resource that will be crucial to meeting the country’s goals to slow down climate change: Lithium, the crucial component in batteries for electric vehicles…

Biden faces tough choice over a battery plant in Georgia

By Gavin Bade  Photo by David Goldman   04/08/21  
President Joe Biden’s ambitious electric vehicle plan has run into a huge hurdle with U.S. trade law, forcing him to choose between swing-state jobs and American intellectual property rules that have come under intense scrutiny…

Biden’s plan to rev up the electric car market is complicated by battery supplies

By Steven Mufson  Photo by David Paul Morris   04/05/21  
President Biden’s ambitious plan to jump-start the U.S. electric vehicle market faces a roadblock: a weak supply chain that is making it difficult for American automakers to get enough batteries to scale up production.

Electric Cars Are Coming. How Long Until They Rule the Road?

By Brad Plumer, Nadja Popovich and Blacki Migliozzi   03/10/21  
Around the world, governments and automakers are focused on selling newer, cleaner electric vehicles as a key solution to climate change. Yet it could take years, if not decades, before the technology has a drastic…

Old Batteries From Electric Cars Get A New Life Off The Grid

By Sarah Kaplan and Nina Riggio   02/27/21  
When charged by solar panels, batteries allow people to replace polluting generators with a completely clean and renewable source of energy.

The Auto Industry Bets Its Future on Batteries

By Jack Ewing and Ivan Penn  Photo by Gabriela Hasbun   02/16/21  
As automakers like General Motors, Volkswagen and Ford Motor make bold promises about transitioning to an electrified, emission-free future, one thing is becoming obvious: They will need a lot of batteries.

Tesla Says Battery-Cell Squeeze Strains Semi Truck Production

By Jennifer Smith and Paul Page  Photo by Veronique Dupont   01/28/21  
Tesla Inc. says its production plan for its new electric Semi heavy-duty truck remains in a low gear because the special battery cells the big rig needs are in short supply. The Silicon Valley car…

Electric car batteries with five-minute charging times produced

By Damian Carrington  By Eric Gaillard   01/19/21  
Batteries capable of fully charging in five minutes have been produced in a factory for the first time, marking a significant step towards electric cars becoming as fast to charge as filling up petrol or…

First Fully Battery-Electric Line-Haul Loco Begins Testing On BNSF Between Stockton And Barstow

By Alan Kandel   01/09/21  
BNSF Railway Company … and Wabtec’s … exploration of the future potential of battery-electric locomotives crosses another significant milestone this week as they begin testing the technology in revenue service between Barstow and Stockton, California.…

What Happens After a ‘Million-Mile Battery’ Outlasts the Car?

By Maddie Stone  Photo by Getty Images   07/11/20  
Recently, multiple EV-battery makers have announced the imminent arrival of “million-mile” batteries, power packs that supposedly have enough juice to be driven to the moon and back twice. In May, a top executive at General…