Green hydrogen exports from WA seen as possible power source for Europe

The WA government will take part in an international study to determine how to fast-track hydrogen exports from Oakajee, north of Geraldton, to the Netherlands and Germany.

The US is a rogue state leading the world towards climate collapse | George Monbiot

It’s not just indifference. It’s an active, and deadly, cavalier attitude towards the lives of others: an example other nations follow

There are two extraordinary facts about the convention on biological diversity, whose members are meeting in Montreal now to discuss the global ecological crisis. The first is that, of the world’s 198 states, 196 are party to it. The second is the identity of those that aren’t. Take a guess. North Korea? Russia? Wrong. Both ratified the convention years ago. One is the Holy See (the Vatican). The other is the United States of America.

This is one of several major international treaties the US has refused to ratify. Among the others are crucial instruments such as the Rome statute on international crimes, the treaties banning cluster bombs and landmines, the convention on discrimination against women, the Basel convention on hazardous waste, the convention on the law of the sea, the nuclear test ban treaty, the employment policy convention and the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

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NSW government declares gas pipeline project ‘critical state significant infrastructure’

A pipeline to connect gas projects in NSW has been declared critical state significant infrastructure, which opponents fear will fast-track approval and limit debate.

Mennonites deforest Peruvian Amazon, encroach on Indigenous lands

Satellite data show that Mennonite colonies are now the leading cause of large-scale deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon.

12 titles that make the perfect holiday gift for occasional climate readers

Twelve book covers overlayed on a background of wrapped gifts.

Find the perfect climate book for everyone in your life.

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12 titles for climate activists and academics on your holiday gift list

Twelve book covers against an abstract background of holiday lights.

Some timely books for those comfortable with more academic prose.

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The biggest wins in clean energy in 2022

From major federal legislation to surging demand for EVs, the energy transition accelerated remarkably in the last 12 months.

‘Burn everything’: Poland chokes on the smog of war

While a number of European countries besides Poland, such as Germany and Hungary, are burning more polluting brown coal, or lignite, to keep the lights on, experts say it’s the use of the fuel at home that will have the biggest impact on health.

Animating the Carbon Cycle: Earth’s animals vital allies in CO2 storage

Wildlife — as big as elephants and as small as spiders — are important players in the carbon cycle, and scientists say that supercharging ecosystems with animals could enhance terrestrial and marine carbon sinks.

Big oil talks ‘transition’ but perpetuates petroleum, House documents say

Some major oil companies remain internally skeptical about the switch to a low-carbon economy, even as they portray their firms as partners in the cause, documents say.