It is our mission, and our hope, that Climate Change Resources will enable a more educated and empowered army of climate change activists to take all of the critical steps necessary to rescue humanity’s future. There is simply no time to waste.

The facts have shown that climate change is undeniably an existential challenge for human civilization. It is easy to understand the many causes, but the solutions are very complicated and contentious.

Burning fossil fuels puts CO2 into our atmosphere, which builds up over time and results in global warming. The data show that 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere is a “magic” number; a line we dare not cross because it could unleash forces we ultimately can’t control.

We are now at 418 parts per million. And climbing.

Without energy there is no relief from poverty. Energy equals material progress for humanity. But since most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels, energy, as we currently know it, also equals doom.

We reduce the loading of additional CO2 by either burning less fossil fuel or somehow capturing the carbon that is emitted from burning it and preventing that carbon from reaching the atmosphere. (That’s called carbon capture.) We can reduce fossil fuel burning by getting energy from other sources that don’t burn fossil fuels and don’t release CO2.

The principal clean choices include nuclear and the renewables: wind, solar, hydro. All of them have elements of controversy. All of them have some environmental “cost”. There is no simple or obvious solution to this existential problem.

We built ClimateChangeResources.org to help people navigate this complex challenge. We divide our thinking into four principal elements: Truth (what’s happening), Consequences (what we’re facing because of what’s happening), Mitigation (how we can reduce the damage), and Adaptation (how we can adjust to a world we are changing).

The site aims both to provide understanding and also to reveal the paths to action.