Death toll for Kentucky floods climbs to 26, with more storms coming

Heavy rains are again battering eastern Kentucky, and more deaths are likely as rescuers go door-to-door in the Appalachian foothills to assess the damage.

Death toll for Kentucky floods climbs to 28, with more storms coming

Greens push for legal ‘climate trigger’ on new projects as industry calls for policy certainty

Peak industry and conservation groups urge parliament to pass the Albanese government’s 43% emissions reduction target

All future coal and gas projects would be assessed on whether they would make climate change worse under legislation the Greens will introduce into the Senate, as support for the so-called “climate trigger” grows among those crucial to passing Labor’s climate bill.

The push comes as industry and conservation groups on Monday called on the parliament to pass the Albanese government’s bill, which legislates its 43% emissions reduction target, hailing it as an important step towards “greater climate policy certainty”.

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What the Floods Left Behind: A Devastated Kentucky Views the Damage

How Headlines Promote Climate Hopelessness

I keep asking, what exactly do they teach in Journalism school? or is everything just clickbait these days? We’ve had a rash of screaming Doomist headlines on climate issues this summer. Mike Mann tweeted a reprimand to headline writers who apparently got way out ahead of what an expert allegedly told their reporter. Guardian: And […]

Nature Can Heal, if We Let It.

Joe Manchin hails expansive bill he finally agrees to as ‘great for America’

How Big Batteries Can Now Add Spin to the Grid

Inertia is a built-in feature of traditional thermal generators that drive large turbines. Grid operators have relied on that inertia to help keep grids stable. (See NREL video above for good explainer)Engineers have already learned how to create “virtual inertia” in solar and wind systems. Now, batteries will be able to provide the same service. […]

PBS: How Climate is Changing Hurricanes

Fewer, but more destructive storms.

Climate Change Could Make Nuclear Power Plants Useless