Oceans were the warmest they’ve ever been in 2021 for the 3rd year in a row

Last year was the hottest on record for the world’s oceans for the third year in a row, according to new research, part of a long-term upward trend in ocean temperature that scientists say is overwhelmingly due to planet-warming fossil fuel emissions.

Gavin Newsom’s California budget has billions to fight climate change

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed spending $22 billion on climate, water and wildfire initiatives — and moved to reassert California’s status as an international leader on global warming and other environmental issues.

Powell Says Economy No Longer Needs Aggressive Stimulus

Calling inflation a severe threat, Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank is preparing to raise rates and shrink asset holdings.

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Germany faces ‘gigantic task’ in achieving climate change goals, new climate minister says

Germany’s new climate minister said Tuesday that the country faces a “gigantic” task if it wants to achieve its goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring sufficient energy for its energy-hungry industry.

2021 was New Zealand’s hottest year on record

Experts say we can expect more of the same, with 2021 beating all records since 1909

Last year was New Zealand’s hottest year on record, according to the country’s National Institute of Water and Aeronautic Research (NIWA), and seven of the past nine years are among New Zealand’s warmest ever. The country’s steadily rising temperature brings increased risk of major floods, bushfires and storms.

According to NIWA, New Zealand’s average temperature in 2021 was 13.56 degrees Celsius. It’s the highest average NIWA has recorded since it began its seven-station annual temperature series in 1909, and breaks the previous record set in 2016 by 0.11 degrees.

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Dhaka and Beyond

After a week of meetings and a wedding in Dhaka, we headed back to the field to service equipment measuring land subsidence in Bangladesh.

Climate change degrading Oregon coastal ecosystems, study suggests

Researchers found that ecological communities in the intertidal zone are becoming less resilient to disturbances like marine heatwaves and disease.

Climate change ‘overtakes pandemics as biggest global concern’

Judge Rejects Facebook’s Request to Dismiss FTC Antitrust Suit

The Federal Trade Commission can move forward with its revised complaint case alleging the tech company is abusing a monopoly position in social media.

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Fallow farmland may offset climate change better than fields in use

Former farmland filled with native vegetation and left untouched for years could store more carbon in the soil than plowed fields still in agricultural rotation, a researcher hypothesizes.