The Climate Crisis

Google Earth Now Shows You Our Planet’s Slow Deterioration

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California enlists surveillance satellites to sniff out greenhouse gas ‘super-emitters’

US is halfway to a carbon-free power sector

Launching Interior Department climate change task force

DeSantis Recognizes the Threat Posed by Climate Change

In Amazon protection talks, US demands action from Bolsonaro

U.S. trade representative uses her first speech to call for action on climate change.

Her speech was another example of how the Biden administration is seeking to address climate change across the vast machinery of the federal government.

China gives green light to five nuclear units to cut carbon and aim for climate goals, sources say

Focusing on differences across scenarios could lead to bad adaptation policy advice

Nature Climate Change, Published online: 15 April 2021; doi:10.1038/s41558-021-01030-9

Evaluation of climate adaptation policies typically compares differences between scenarios with different levels of, or without, climate change. Many policies, however, address development simultaneously, and focusing only on climate change impacts may not identify the best outcome.