Joe Biden’s Inspiring and Strategic Climate and Economic Leadership

Joe Biden is providing America with inspiring and strategic climate and economic leadership.

You Know Fast Fashion Is Bad For The Planet. So Why Can’t You Stop Buying It?

The industry is churning it out, but only because you keep buying it. Here’s what you can do to break the cycle.

Climate Change Has Turned the Kansas Prairie Into Junk Food That’s Killing Grasshoppers

This New 8-Seat Electric Airplane Costs 80% Less to Fly Than Conventional Aircraft

Home buyouts may be one solution to the climate change flooding on Cape Cod

How US chemical industry lobbying and cash defeated regulation in Trump era

The industry’s congressional allies defeated nearly all PFAS legislation while the Trump EPA killed, watered down or slowalked new rules that never went into effect

Underfunded public transit systems face ongoing challenges in Ohio

A masked worker uses a rag to clean a handrail inside a public bus.

Beyond pandemic-induced dips in ridership and ongoing economic challenges, Ohio’s 61 public transit systems must cope with a history of underinvestment from the state.

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Michigan farms working to combat climate change

Where Does a Candle Go When It Burns?

Just saying, maybe go easy with the candelabras.

Bizarre Marine Life Movement Might be Indicating Future Mass Extinction