White House targets $38B to aid coal sector transition, but it’s likely not enough, analysts say

CBS News Explains Climate Tipping Points

Jeff Berardelli and some good graphics help a wide audience understand climate tipping points.

Priorizando a los Niños en la Política Pública en Desastres

Dos sesiones recientes del programa Sustain What destacaron la necesidad de proveer continuidad a servicios de cuidado infantil y apoyar la salud mental de los niños durante tiempos de crisis.

Putting Children at the Forefront of Disaster Policy

Two recent Sustain What webcasts emphasized the need to sustain child care and support children’s mental health during times of crisis.

AIA Committee on the Environment Awards Turns 25

Skeptical about a defense of science?

Saudi, US net zero oil producer initiative lands to scepticism

Five countries responsible for 40% of oil and gas production have launched an unprecedented climate alliance – but leaving fuel in the ground is not on the agenda

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Land-based emissions

Nature Climate Change, Published online: 26 April 2021; doi:10.1038/s41558-021-01040-7

The Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement measures progress towards a net-zero emissions goal. Now, research provides a way to improve representation of land-based contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and removals to properly assess collective progress.

Critical adjustment of land mitigation pathways for assessing countries’ climate progress

Nature Climate Change, Published online: 26 April 2021; doi:10.1038/s41558-021-01033-6

There is a mismatch between emission estimates from global land use calculated from IAMs and countries’ greenhouse gas inventories. This study presents a method for reconciling these estimates by reallocating part of the land-use sink, facilitating progress assessment towards climate goals.

Texas Wants “Ike Dike” Added to Biden Plan

Houston Chronicle: WASHINGTON — As congressional Democrats hash out a plan to spend more than $2 trillion on the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, it’s unclear how much — if any — of that money would go toward a long-sought barrier to protect the Texas Gulf Coast from catastrophic storm surge. But at least one Houston Democrat […]