Ant IPO-Approval Process Under Investigation by Beijing

China’s central government is investigating how Jack Ma won speedy approvals for his Ant Group’s stock listing last year, signaling that state actors are getting embroiled in the crackdown on the tech billionaire.

Don’t be Cowed. Meat Just Might be About to Get Disrupted..

Jokes about meat-beer aside, this week’s snickering about meat consumption as some kind of third rail issue in the climate discussion might be premature. There may be a surprise in store, in fact, in a store near you, soon. Food Dive: The COVID-19 pandemic has largely proven — and in some ways accelerated — think […]

New York City’s Trash Dilemmas — and Opportunities

A conversation with Professor Steven Cohen on how to make New York City’s waste management less noxious and more equitable.

2021 Columbia Global Energy Summit | May 18-20

The Best Plastic-Free Cleaning Tools

Drought-hit California orders Nestlé to stop pumping millions of gallons of water

Nestlé, accused of taking millions more gallons that it is entitled to, receives draft cease-and-desist order from state officials

Wells dry up, crops imperiled, farm workers in limbo as California drought grips San Joaquin Valley

As yet another season of drought returns to California, the mood has grown increasingly grim across the vast and fertile San Joaquin Valley.

Effort to cut world’s greenhouse emissions may be hampered by a giant accounting problem

Scientists have identified a staggering 5.5 billion ton gap between greenhouse gas emissions acknowledged each year by the world’s nations and the emissions calculated by independent models, an accounting discrepancy that threatens to complicate the already difficult task of resetting the world’s climate trajectory.

The fight to clean up the EPA

Trump nearly broke the EPA. Can the Biden administration repair the damage?

Can we create a climate-resistant coffee in time? – podcast

Food crops around the world are under threat from the impact of the climate crisis. Patrick Greenfield asks how scientists are working to find and develop alternatives