YouTube TV Loses Disney Channels Including ESPN

The blackout is depriving more than four million subscribers of programming as the companies battle over distribution fees.

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A ‘Green’ Energy Project Leaves A Mississippi Town Gasping For Air

European climate subsidies funnel billions to wood-burning power plants that harvest trees from the U.S. South. The industry is taking a toll locally and globally.

Can you beat Tierra Curry’s record of swimming in 108 rivers?

Each summer, Tierra Curry and her friends have a fun competition to see who can swim in the most rivers. This year, Tierra went all in to win.

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Inside AMC’s Crazy, Bonkers, Upside-Down Year of Apes, Memes and Shorts

A rowdy group of investors saved the movie-theater chain—and then made CEO Adam Aron play by their rules.

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The Unlikely Revolutionaries Who Want to Reboot the Internet

Jack Dorsey and other members of the tech elite are banding together to bring the Web back to its idealist origins.

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Warming Trends: A Potential Decline in Farmed Fish, Less Ice on Minnesota Lakes and a ‘Black Box’ for the Planet – Inside Climate News

SOLUTIONS Earth’s ‘Black Box’ Inside the “black box” recovered from an airplane crash, investigators can find out everything that led up to the mishap, piecing together weather conditions, mechanical failures and the dialogue between the pilot, the copilot and the control tower, to figure out what went wrong.    With the planet heading for its own, […]

Appeals Court Reinstates Biden Administration Vaccine Rules for Large Employers

A divided panel of the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dissolved a stay issued by another court that had blocked the rules.

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Biden’s record-breaking oil drilling-lease spree didn’t have to happen | Grist

The Biden administration claimed it had no choice but to proceed with an oil and gas drilling auction. But a DOJ memo refutes that.

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Is nuclear energy green? France and Germany lead opposing camps.

Carbon Monoxide From Generators Poisons Thousands of People a Year. The U.S. Has Failed to Force Safety Changes. — ProPublica

Portable generators are among the deadliest consumer products. Two decades after the government identified the danger, and as climate change leads to more power outages, people are left vulnerable by a system that lets the industry regulate itself.

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