Hype and hydrogen starting with the same letters isn’t a coincidence

Biden sets up Climate Change Support Office in State Dept






Life on the rocks in Brazil’s campo rupestre

In a little-known region that calls to mind Tolkien’s Middle-earth, photojournalist Augusto Gomes marvels at one of the oldest, harshest, most biodiverse – and most threatened – ecosystems on the planet

‘It’s like a place of healing’: the growth of America’s food forests

There are more than 70 ‘food forests’ in the US as part of a growing movement to tackle food insecurity and promote urban agriculture

Phasing out uses of weedkilling pesticide propazine

NOAA: Minnesota warming faster than other states

Weakening exploratory Arctic drilling rule

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the climate? Curious Texas investigates

The Weekend Wonk: Rewilding the UK

Euronews: ….a growing number of people believe that the only way to bring back what we’ve lost is through trusting natural environments to recover themselves- a process called rewilding. For some, it can be a contentious issue with worries about the reintroduction of apex predators like wolves and the Eurasian Lynx. The progressive conservation movement, however, […]

Merkel ‘wasted opportunity’ to show international solidarity at climate summit

The German chancellor resisted calls to announce an increased climate finance pledge at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, her last before leaving office in September

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