Illinoisans likely won’t see changes from the new energy bill for a few years

December extreme weather is a good reminder of changing climate including in Florida

The future of air mobility: Electric aircraft and flying taxis

The Sunday Read: ‘What Does It Mean to Save a Neighborhood?’

Nine years after Hurricane Sandy, residents of Lower Manhattan are still vulnerable to rising seas. The fight over a plan to protect them reveals why progress on our most critical challenges is so hard.

The Amazon is the Planet’s Counterweight to Global Warming, a Place of Stupefying Richness Under Relentless Assault – Inside Climate News

Photography by Larry C. Price This article is part of a series produced in partnership with NBC News and Undark Magazine, a non-profit, editorially independent digital magazine exploring the intersection of science and society. TRAIRÃO, Brazil—Jaim Teixeira surveys his property from the back of a motorcycle, wearing jeans and a long-sleeved, sun-proof shirt to shield him […]

The White House’s extraordinary, furious statement about Joe Manchin

Can Reality Denial be Countered?

Nothing is going to work for everybody, and some hard core deniers are just hopeless, see examples on this page, but people out there are doing real work on how to push back the tide of ignorance. CBC: It’s possible to change the mind of someone who holds views that aren’t backed up by scientific evidence, […]

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2013: Climate Denier Predicts Global Cooling. How Did He Do?

It’s probably unfair picking on Joe Bastardi. But he’s been out there for a decade and a half predicting imminent global cooling to anyone that would listen. Above, he addressed the Christian Broadcasting Network, which seems to have become a regular outlet for him, in April of 2013, predicting imminent global cooling. Anytime now.Pretty soon. […]

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CNN Closes Offices as Covid-19 Cases Rise

Nonessential employees will be asked to work from home, President Jeff Zucker said in a memo that cited a surge of cases at the network.

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Climate change is shrinking the odds of a white Christmas