Frunk-Loaded: Ford Stock Jumps on F-150 EV News

Above – the lack of engine gives F-150 giant storage space in the Frunk. Another feature that I predict will play well with increasingly disaster-struck middle America, the “Bi-directional” feature that would allow the truck to power a home in a blackout. TechCrunch: “If your F-150 Lightning is plugged in when your outage occurs, Intelligent […]

G7 commits to end unabated coal finance in 2021 to ‘keep 1.5C within reach’

After initial resistance, Japan agreed to the ministers’ statement, leaving China isolated as the last significant coal funder overseas

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Apple’s Tim Cook Takes Witness Stand in Antitrust Fight

The chief executive emphasized the iPhone maker’s value to the app economy, in its defense against competition claims lodged by “Fortnite” distributor Epic Games.

Publisher Correction: Carbon tariffs

Nature Climate Change, Published online: 21 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41558-021-01082-x

Publisher Correction: Carbon tariffs

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