Ryanair Plane Grounding in Belarus Was State-Sponsored Hijacking, CEO Says

Michael O’Leary said the airline believes members of Belarus’ secret service were aboard one of its airliners when the plane was forced by a Belarus jet fighter to divert to the country’s capital Minsk on Sunday.

Temperatures that sterilize males better match global species distributions than lethal temperatures

Nature Climate Change, Published online: 24 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41558-021-01047-0

Prediction of current and future species distributions using thermal limits often relies on lethal temperatures, yet many organisms lose fertility at sublethal temperatures. The authors show that distributions of 43 Drosophila species better match male-sterilizing, than lethal, temperatures.

Greenland’s ice sheet is releasing huge amounts of mercury into rivers

As Greenland’s ice grinds up underlying rocks it frees up the toxic mercury they contain, potentially contaminating the aquatic life that Indigenous communities rely on for food

Ten Thousand Years of Climate Change History

Governments are overlooking a key piece in the climate puzzle: community energy

Failure to engage people in local energy projects risks slowing down the transition to a low-carbon future at a time when leaders need to speed it up

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New USDA report details climate-smart agriculture efforts

Making solar installations easier gives one company a $250 million windfall

Fracking Companies Continue Consolidation as Cabot, Cimarex Form $14 Billion Firm

The all-stock merger brings together shale drillers in different regions, aiming to guard against commodity price swings.

Take Action: Ensure Regenerative Agriculture Incorporates Organic Standards in Order to Fight Climate Change

UK under growing pressure to ban all exports of plastic waste

Campaigners are urging the UK government to ban the export of plastic waste to all countries, invest in a domestic recycling industry, and set a binding target for plastic reduction.