Lack of green spaces in under-represented communities is a health crisis that can’t wait

E.P.A. to Modify Trump-Era Limits on States’ Ability to Oppose Energy Projects

In recent years, states have used the Clean Water Act to block pipelines and other fossil fuel projects. The Trump administration tried to curb that power.

A framework for national scenarios with varying emission reductions

Nature Climate Change, Published online: 27 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41558-021-01048-z

There is no common structure for the way national emissions scenarios are created, hindering efforts for comparison and analysis at the larger scale. This Perspective presents a framework to guide individual national scenario creation in a standardized way.

Dutch Harbor is nation’s top fishing port for 23rd straight year

Church offers guidelines for response to climate migration

Biden officials condemned for backing Trump-era Alaska drilling project

DoJ says Trump-era decision to approve project in northern Alaska ‘reasonable and consistent’ and should be given green light

We can protect the jobs of working people and the environment at the same time

Investing 0.1% of global GDP could avoid breakdown of ecosystems, says UN report

Nature’s financial value must be considered to avoid ‘irreversible’ degradation to biodiversity and land

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