Yale experts explain net zero healthcare

Sustainable healthcare and industry experts Dr. Jodi Sherman and Dr. Todd Cort introduce us to the green future of healthcare.

Asthma in toddlers linked to in-utero exposure to air pollution, study finds

Infants whose mothers were exposed to higher levels of tiny air pollution particles during pregnancy are much more likely to develop asthma, according to research.

Climate Change and Glaciers Affect Mountain-Building in Patagonia

Extensive field work in Patagonia confirms the theory that climate change and glaciers can affect the forces inside the Earth that build mountains.

New York lawmakers move to ban pesticides at summer camps

New York would be the first in the nation to ban the use of pesticides at children’s summer camps under legislation passed by state lawmakers last week.

The impact of green investors

Methodist Church dumps Shell over ‘inadequate’ climate plans

Virtual Workshop Convenes Women Peacebuilders Paving the Way to a Post-Pandemic Future

This spring, feminist activists from 13 countries gathered online to exchange expertise and envision a more just and equitable future after COVID.

“A Turning Point for Big Oil” – Recapping a Historic Moment

Yesterday seemed historic in hammering home the urgency of climate action to Big Oil Boardrooms.

Prairie chickens are dying out on the Great Plains.

A Court Ruled Shell Is Liable for Its Contributions to Climate Change. What Happens Now?