Biden administration moves to bring back endangered species protections undone under Trump

G-7 Nations Agree on New Rules for Taxing Global Companies

Businesses would pay a minimum tax rate of at least 15%, the Group of Seven rich nations agree, in a significant step toward delivering a global minimum rate sought by the Biden administration.

The drought Is making the Klamath River’s baby salmon sick

Dry conditions are worsening a warm-water disease that’s sweeping through juvenile fish. Their deaths will create a future crisis for both fish and human populations.

The low-oxygen Gulf ‘dead zone’ could be three times the size of Rhode Island; here’s why

The 2021 summertime “dead zone” along the Louisiana and Texas coast lines — an area of low to no oxygen that can kill fish and bottom-living organisms — is predicted

BlocPower’s Donnel Baird on green building, Biden infrastructure deal

Brooklyn-based Black CEO of energy efficiency start-up on rebuilding cities for climate, the infrastructure deal Biden should take, and VC’s racial reckoning.

California looks at curbing construction in wildfire-prone areas

The state’s insurance regulator endorsed proposals that could reshape the real estate market, the latest sign of climate shocks hitting the economy.

Red Knots in Steepest Decline in Years, Threatening the Species’ Survival

The annual count along the Delaware Bay beaches showed another severe drop in numbers of the shorebird, whose migration is one of the longest avian journeys in the world.

AT&T, Verizon Push Free iPhones for Customers

U.S. cellphone carriers are offering deep discounts on new smartphones to defend their customer base, in deals that come with long-term commitments.

Appalachian offers all-renewable electricity to its customers — for a price

The West Can End the Water Wars Now