Pod of the Planet Episode 16: World Oceans Day 2021

Today we’re celebrating World Oceans Day with a deep dive into an international project to map the entire seafloor.

Internet Outage Hits Major Websites

Dozens of websites in the U.S. and Europe flicked back on after being offline for roughly an hour early Tuesday, following an internal glitch at a major cloud-services provider

Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit 50% Higher Than Preindustrial Time

The average rate of increase in this heat-trapping gas is faster than ever, scientists reported Monday.

‘Cool’ roofs, cooler designs as the building industry embraces energy sustainability

Despite its still-big carbon footprint, advocates think the nation’s building sector could reach a net-zero-emissions future within a generation.

Millions of J&J Covid-19 Vaccines Are at Risk of Expiring in June

States, hospitals try to reroute such vaccines, while efforts to export them face hurdles.

Over 8 Million Californians Live Within 50 Mi. Of Stored Radioactive Waste

How climate change is threatening the apples used to make craft cider

Warmer, rainier springs are a boon to fire blight, a disease that hits cider apple trees hard. It may soon threaten all apples, and other fruit crops.

Secrets of the Whales

Life in Colour with David Attenborough

One Strange Rock