Pennsylvania DEP restores Beaver County Conservation District permitting power

A once-troubled conservation district is again authorized to issue certain construction permits two years after environmental regulators revoked those privileges.

Biden order on climate financial risk reaches deep into the economy

Extreme weather poses risks to supply chains, food and water, housing and energy, according to a two-page fact sheet on the order.

States are pricing carbon. Washington hasn’t followed their lead

Even the president’s ambitious calls to transition to clean energy and fight climate change omit any mention of putting a price on carbon dioxide.

The Straightforward Way to Make California’s Wildfires Less Deadly

Oil and gas funding complicates New Mexico’s clean energy transition

An oil worker carries a pipe.

The industry funds everything from campaigns to government functions in New Mexico, and both Democratic and Republican lawmakers are hesitant to cut ties.

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Texas gov knew of natural gas shortages days before blackout, blamed wind anyway

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