Here’s how filmmakers have tried to make sense of climate change.

Alaska’s Dalton Highway Is Threatened by Climate Change and Facing a Highly Uncertain Future – Inside Climate News

The Dalton Highway and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline are companions that rank among Alaska’s most vital and iconic pieces of infrastructure. The pipeline exists because of the highway. The highway exists because of the pipeline.   What threatens one, threatens the other.  The highway is being pummeled by flooding, staggered by thawing permafrost and confronted by monstrous […]
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As temperatures rise, crossing into the US will become even more deadly

Global destruction isn’t funny, but when it comes to the climate crisis, it might have to be

Maryland Commission Awards ORECs to US Wind and Skipjack Offshore Energy

DOE Establishes New Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

We Owe More Than Gratitude to Wildland Firefighters

The brave men and women who fight forest fires are overworked, poorly compensated, and considered disposable by the bureaucrats who hire them.

Buoyed by federal funding, Connecticut makes big investments in transportation and climate projects

Governor Lamont, Congressman Courtney, and Mayor Passero Applaud Final Approval To Proceed in State Pier Redevelopment Project

Groups urge bigger targets, more equity as RGGI states consider changes