Mining exposes Indigenous women in Latin America to high mercury levels

A recent investigation has found dangerously high levels of mercury among women from different Indigenous communities in four Latin American countries.

Uber, Lyft Sweeten Job Perks Amid Driver Shortage, Lofty Fares

A shortage of drivers in the U.S. is pushing Uber and Lyft fares to record highs and making the companies rethink how they attract gig workers.

The scientists hired by big oil who predicted the climate crisis long ago

Experts’ discoveries lie at the heart of two dozen lawsuits that hope to hold the fossil-fuel industry accountable for devastating damage

The UN Security Council and Climate Change

Americans Face Higher Gas Prices Heading Into July Fourth

Consumers are facing the steepest gasoline prices in nearly seven years as tens of millions eagerly hit the road this summer after a year of Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Op-ed: The Revolutionary Power of Food

Heatwave causing ‘biggest glacier melt in Washington state in a century’

Harvesting Peril Extreme Weather and Climate Change on the American Farm

Yellowstone’s most famous geyser could shut down, with huge ramifications

If temperatures rise 10F by the century’s end as projected, Old Faithful could stop erupting, and the snowpack that feeds rivers throughout the west may disappear

J&J Vaccine Shows Promise Protecting Against Delta Variant

The vaccine triggered a strong immune response in blood samples taken from eight vaccinated people, the company said.