The pandemic might have redesigned cities forever

Changes small and large—parklets, outdoor restaurants, bike lanes—could remake our relationship to cities (and help fix climate change).

Can a sustainable mining experiment in New Caledonia power Tesla’s ambitions?

Nickel is vital to electric car batteries, but extracting it is dirty and destructive. A plant with a turbulent history in New Caledonia is about to become an experiment in sustainable mining.

Sudden Catastrophe in Colorado

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AccuWeather reporters reflect on their most memorable weather stories of 2021

From the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast to historic drought and wildfires in the western U.S., several AccuWeather reporters discuss their experiences covering the biggest weather events of the past year.

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Teva Found Liable for Fueling Opioid Addiction in New York

New York Attorney General Letitia James had sued Teva and other pharmaceutical companies, alleging that they bore responsibility for producing addictive painkillers that have caused a public-health crisis.

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Unprecedented Events Continue to Unfold – December Fires in Colorado

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How sea level rise is affecting your commute to and around Atlantic City

While the roads in and around Atlantic City have been affected by tidal flooding throughout the city’s history, the frequency of flooding is on the rise because of the 1.5 feet of local sea level rise that has occurred since 1911.

Did we blow our last, best chance to tackle climate change?

In mid-2020, after the pandemic had settled in, I wrote in a TIME cover story that the stars had aligned to make 2020 and 2021 the “last, best chance” to keep the world from experiencing the worst impacts of climate change. Now, 18 months later, the world seems poised to blow it.

Larry Shapiro: We need bold presidential action on climate change

Congress may be a dead end for transformative climate action. But other roads and avenues are waiting for our footsteps. The most important of these is Pennsylvania Avenue.

As long as there’s a climate crisis, supply chain madness is here to stay

Will major industries continue to insulate themselves from the climate crisis, or will they be made to address their own contributions to it?