Microsoft Aims to Put Windows in Hands of Apple, Android Users Through Hybrid Work

The software giant is introducing a cloud-PC concept to bring its operating system to more devices.

DR Congo plans to lift logging moratorium amid forest protection talks

The government is ending a decade-old ban on new forestry concessions, to the horror of campaigners who say the move is incompatible with climate targets

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The Heat Wave That Hit the Pacific Northwest

Western Water Rights a Dismal Swamp in Dire Drought

Simple primer on how water rights work, at least in Utah, from KSTU in Salt Lake City. Below, Utah businesses sound alarm about water conservation.Again, neither report mentions climate change.

Urban heat island effect exacerbating summer heatwaves, study shows

Reflective surfaces, green roofs can lower temperatures in sweltering cities

Racism is magnifying the deadly impact of rising city heat

Why You Should Care About Your Right to Repair Gadgets

New legislation could simplify tech maintenance and make buying a new smartphone or computer the last resort.

Biden Must Nix Treaty Provisions That Allow Fossil Fuel Companies to Sue Governments Directly

Provisions that allow investors to sue countries are being used to undermine national and global climate goals. A $15 billion lawsuit from the Keystone XL energy company provides the latest example.

Inflation May Not Be Transitory, More Watchers Fear

More experts think higher prices will stay for a while.

Biden wanted a climate alliance with Europe. He’s getting a fight

The European Union’s leadership is set to unveil a proposal on Wednesday to tax imports from countries — including the U.S. — that lack aggressive carbon-reducing policies.