Brussels sets out new green aid rules, with ‘pragmatic exceptions’ for gas

The new guidelines include a special clause for natural gas, allowing member states with the lowest GDP to transition from coal to gas

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In Louisville, Hub of E-Commerce, Businesses Duel for Workers

The Kentucky city has emerged as one of the nation’s tightest labor markets, largely due to UPS’s Worldport shipping hub, where workers are getting paid more and working longer hours than before the pandemic.

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Using a City’s Excess Heat to Reduce Emissions

A district in London has developed an innovative way to divert subway heat for buildings to lower carbon emissions. Other cities are getting creative, as well.
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Maryland Department of Transportation Makes Plans for Total Electric Bus Fleet

The Essential Advocate, Philippe Sands Makes the Case for a New International Crime Called Ecocide – Inside Climate News

BRUSSELS—Philippe Sands steps off his train at Brussels’ Midi station and sees a familiar face amidst a flurry of passengers.  The British lawyer is flush with energy, despite being at the tail end of a week-long visit with clients on the island nation of Mauritius. His casual black jacket, navy blue scarf and black boots […]
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In 2021, climate ambitions soared and crashed in the U.S. and around the world

The year in climate news

From floods and wildfires to inaction and urgency: These are the top climate and weather stories of 2021

Year in Review: Our Top Stories of 2021

A list of some of our most popular articles and videos, plus some of our favorites that you shouldn’t miss.

John Cook: How to Immunize Against Science Denial

John Cook PhD is the acknowledged expert on what works, and what doesn’t, to push back in the War on Science. Denialism tends to be the same as it moves from one science field to another – it does not evolve and morph as readily as, say, a coronavirus. So once you learn the basic […]