Dixie fire becomes largest in California while crews struggle to gain footing on Tamarack blaze

“Boring Scales” : More on Energy Storage Breakthrough

Canary Media: Form Energy finally lifted the veil of secrecy over its technology that purports to store clean electricity for days on end. The startup revealed Thursday that it is building iron-air batteries, a technology that has been studied for decades but never commercialized for grid storage. The announcement coincided with a profile in the Wall Street Journal and […]

Air Pollution Is Harming People in the Global South at an Alarming Rate. A Climate School Project Wants to Help

Researchers are using data collection, community collaboration, and startups to reduce the negative health effects of pollution.

Want to Live to 100? Try These 9 Blue Zone Lifestyle Tips

Would you like to live to 100? It’s a far-fetched plan for many of us; hitting centenarian status happens for less than 2 out of every 10,000 people in the United States. And experts agree that when it comes to years, quantity doesn’t matter if you don’t have quality.”The question is if you live to …

Indonesia to burn coal well into the 2050s, under updated climate plan

The world’s second biggest coal producing country is depending on carbon capture to keep the industry alive in its “low carbon” scenario

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It’s a Grizzly Bear Survival Program. For Grizzly Bears.

In British Columbia, researchers have undertaken a unique challenge: tracking orphan grizzly cubs, reared in a shelter, to see whether they can thrive back in the wild.

GM Recalls Chevy Bolts for Second Time Due to Fire Risk

The company is asking owners of 2017-19 model year Bolts to keep their electric-vehicle charges at a certain level and to park the cars outside after charging them.

How to Calm Your Climate Anxiety

Between wildfires, heat waves and hurricanes, we’re all feeling nervous about the future. But stewing or ignoring the problem won’t ease your burden.

Will Hydrogen Find Its Niche With Aircraft?

Kimberly-Clark Takes Hit Amid Drop in Toilet-Paper Demand

The company lowered its sales forecast as its quarterly result fell short of expectations amid rising materials costs and plunging demand for paper products.