Opinion | The Year in Charts

Ten charts that defined our year.

China Evergrande Says State-Backed Risk Team Will Engage With Creditors

The committee helping steer the developer’s massive restructuring is deploying extensive resources to help contain risks and will engage with creditors.

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Amid species loss, the ‘oh my’ mammals that are doing better

Mountain gorilla and jaguar numbers are encouraging conservationists, partly because room made for their habitats is helping to ensure survival.

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Don’t pitch those peels, recycle them: California’s new food-waste law

Passed in 2016, the law sets the state on a course to drastically reduce short-term super pollutants like methane, including a goal to reduce organic waste disposal by 75% by 2025.

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Seconds before a 6.2 earthquake rattled California, phones got a vital warning

Half a million phones received emergency alerts thanks to system offering a few seconds to take cover.

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Finland′s reindeer struggle with climate change

With days to go until Christmas, Santa might be somewhere out there worrying about how to deliver all the presents with his team of reindeer; meanwhile, just north of the Arctic circle, real reindeers herders are struggling with much bigger problems: climate change threatens their very livelihood.

Maine’s sparrows are being wiped out by mercury and climate change

The saltmarsh sparrow, a native Maine species, is slated to be considered for Endangered Species protection in 2024 and predicted to be extinct by 2060.

Microplastics: Pollution in French mountain air may have crossed Atlantic Ocean

Microplastics travelled thousands of kilometres across oceans and continents in a fast-moving layer of the atmosphere before being captured on a mountain in the French Pyrenees.

Beware of false solutions to the crises of climate change and plastic pollution

While climate disasters unfold in Canada and around the planet, the federal government is entertaining false solutions from the fossil-fuel industry that risk making things worse instead of better.

Grilling CEOs, Dancing to Australia: He Did It All From the Middle Seat

Scott McCartney charted the highs and lows of flying for 20 years in his column. Here’s what he’s learned along the way.

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