China Halts Alibaba Cybersecurity Cooperation, State Media Says

The technology ministry suspended work with Alibaba Cloud for six months  over slow reporting of the Log4j2 software flaw, which is affecting businesses and governments world-wide.

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Novartis to Buy Gene-Therapy Company Targeting Eye Condition

The Swiss healthcare giant has agreed to pay up to $1.5 billion for British biotech Gyroscope Therapeutics.

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The Climate Impacts We Saw in 2021

How the Building Industry Blocked Better Tornado Safeguards

Engineers know how to protect people from tornadoes like the ones that recently devastated parts of Kentucky, but builders have headed off efforts to toughen standards.

Year in Review: Our Top Stories of 2021

A list of some of our most popular articles and videos, plus some of our favorites that you shouldn’t miss.

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Europe Moves Ahead on Minimum Corporate Tax as U.S. Stalls

The EU outlined its plans for implementing a global minimum tax rate on corporate profits in 2023, and said it is still confident the U.S. will be able to join it despite a recent setback in Congress.

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John Cook: How to Immunize Against Science Denial

John Cook PhD is the acknowledged expert on what works, and what doesn’t, to push back in the War on Science. Denialism tends to be the same as it moves from one science field to another – it does not evolve and morph as readily as, say, a coronavirus. So once you learn the basic […]

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European Banks Prepare for Pullback in ECB Stimulus

Banks in Europe are issuing covered bonds in droves, locking in super low borrowing costs ahead of possibly tighter monetary policy in 2022.

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Both Manchin and Biden Are Wrong About Build Back Better’s Inflation Impact

President Biden’s Build Back Better plan is intended to reshape the role of government in the lives of Americans. Yet whether it passes Congress comes down to a different matter: what lawmakers think it will do to inflation.

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Renewable energy is reducing Colorado Springs’ carbon footprint