2.5 Billion Tons of Wasted Food Compound Climate Change, Study Shows

The carbon cost of California’s most prolific oil fields

Despite being known for its ultra-progressive environmental policies, California is a huge producer of oil. This interactive map helps show the carbon cost of the state’s prolific oil fields.

Grid storage is required, but a lot less than many think

Wildcats return to Netherlands after centuries’ absence

Rewilding of forests and ‘saturated’ habitats in Germany and Belgium behind growing population

CVS Logs Higher Revenue Boosted by Covid-19 Shots

The healthcare company said it would raise its minimum wage for workers to $15 an hour starting next year.

Virtually all emperor penguins doomed for extinction by 2100 as climate change looms, study finds

The United States is moving to list emperor penguins as a threatened species based on new evidence that colonies are imperiled by shrinking sea ice.

Our leaders look climate change in the eyes, and shrug | Hamilton Nolan

It is not good to be too pessimistic on the climate crisis. That said, it sure does seem like we’re screwed

Greenhouse gas pact will open door to weatherization for Virginia households

Community Housing Partners employee Evan Bowman installs a filtered return air grille in a place where the client has easier access to the home’s HVAC air filter.

In an interview, the energy solutions director for a Virginia housing partnership talks about how new funding from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative will help low- and moderate-income Virginians.

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Reducing CO2 emissions by targeting the world’s hyper-polluting power plants

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