Decarbonized Buildings & Vehicles Create Good Missouri Jobs

Infrastructure bill could mean more Missouri green jobs

The African Roots of Vaccination in America

I was today years old when I learned this, thanks to several articles in The Washington Post. Washington Post: Around 3 a.m. one November morning in 1721, a bomb crashed through the window of Cotton Mather’s Boston home. It had been hurled with such force that the fuse fell off, and it failed to detonate. […]

Computer Models Of Civilization Offer Routes To Ending Global Warming

Severe Drought Could Threaten Power Supply in West for Years to Come

It’s Been So Hot In Sicily That Snails Cooked Alive In Their Shells

A brutal heat wave in Italy may have yielded the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.

Could This Carbon Capture Idea Catch On?

Fast Company: On top of a nondescript industrial building in the Bay Area city of San Leandro, a company is pioneering a new way to fight climate change: Hacking a cooling tower—the equipment used for air conditioning in large buildings—to help pull CO2 from the atmosphere. So-called direct air capture machines are already in use elsewhere. But […]

Western Fires Threaten Thousands Of Homes, Strain Resources

The U.S. Forest Service said Friday it’s operating in crisis mode, fully deploying firefighters and maxing out its support system.

Severe Flooding And Mudslides In Turkey Kill At Least 44

Torrential rains have destroyed homes and bridges, carried away cars and made roads unusable in three Black Sea provinces.

Finding the Will to Stave Off a Darker Future