Why Cop26 coal power pledges don’t go far enough – visualized

See coal phase out progress to date, and why the current pledges are not enough to limit warming to 1.5C.

The world is addicted to natural gas. Fossil fuel companies are lobbying hard to keep it that way

Air Cargo Disrupts Supply Chain as Goods Spill Out of Warehouses

Labor shortages at air-cargo hubs like Chicago O’Hare International Airport during the fall have disrupted operations for the ground-handling companies that unload planes, and left goods piling up.

Slashed forest protections ignites land grabbing frenzy in Brazilian Amazon

Invasions into the vast Guajará-Mirim State Park are continuing, and inching ever-closer to vulnerable Indigenous and traditional communities in neighboring reserves.

Goodbye to 2021, you plague-ridden paradox – Climate Weekly

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How to Catch a Polar Bear

First, spot the bear.

FERC: Virginia pipeline’s environmental contractor has ‘conflict of interest’

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has taken the unusual step of voiding a contract with a firm it had hired to conduct a “third-party” environmental review of a sprawling natural gas infrastructure project in Virginia.

Coal miners, environmentalists wrangle over Alberta coal mine hearing costs

The battle over a coal mine in Alberta’s southern Rocky Mountains continues to rage six months after the Grassy Mountain project was denied, as the company and its opponents wrangle over who pays costs for the hearing that turned the proposal down.

Competition underway to develop carbon-capture centres in Alberta

The pressure to reduce global warming is sparking competition in Alberta to secure space underground to stash away harmful greenhouse gas emissions generated by oil and gas operations, agriculture and other industries.

Coastal GasLink’s Wet’suwet’en identity questions set ‘dangerous precedent’

When a Coastal GasLink lawyer raised questions about Indigenous identity in court proceedings following arrests on Wet’suwet’en territory, it sparked widespread outrage — and pointed to a larger, complicated conversation about governance and who has the right to enforce Indigenous title on unceded lands.