California wildfires destroy homes; winds hamper containment

Sweden’s HYBRIT Delivers Fossil-Free Steel

Pakistan’s mission to plant 10 billion trees across the country, in photos

A province in Pakistan first pledged to plant 1 billion trees in 2015. The initiative was so successful that the country is now in the midst of a “Ten Billion Tree Tsunami” to fight climate change.

Yes, Virginia, we are seeing more — and more intense — rainfall

Chicago becomes a museum to the devastating intersection of racism and climate change

Wind project would double Idaho’s turbine energy output

California Looks to Bigger, More Complex Microgrids as It Faces Capacity Shortfalls

A Cop to help people cope – Climate Weekly

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Owning an EV Is 40% Cheaper Than ICE Vehicles, Study Finds

Climate change on the Great Lakes has coastal communities bracing for higher water