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Chicago: museum to the intersection of racism and climate change

The MacArthur Foundation invited 29 of its genius grantees to showcase work exploring issues of environmental racism.

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13 New Books About Pollution — and How to Fight It

By John R. PlattIt’s a dirty world out there — but it doesn’t have to be.That message rings out from a slate of important new books covering the fight against various pollutants around the world. They examine everything from pesticides to air pollution and from mining waste to the trash that accumul…

Caroline Magdolen | Eco-anxiety, our double-edged sword to wield

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There’s Hope in the Latest Climate Report

Mushrooms: 4 Uses That Benefit the Environment

By Stuart BraunMycelium, the silky thread that binds fungus, is being adapted to create everything from shoes to coffins to packaging and robust building materials. Best of all, it literally feeds on trash and agricultural byproducts, detoxifing them along the way.The biodegradable material that is …

Some Kansas communities are paying more to fix stinky water from blue-green algae. Climate change is to blame.

Steelmakers Grapple With How to Cut Emissions

Cleaning up one of the world’s dirtiest industries is key to hitting global climate goals, but decarbonizing looks to be costly for companies.

A 20-Foot Sea Wall? Miami Faces the Hard Choices of Climate Change.