What Idaho Is Facing With Climate Change, And Solutions — Big And Small — To Address The Crisis

Record Levels of Harmful Particles Found in Great Lakes Fish

By Andrew BlokA record-setting fish was pulled from Hamilton Harbor at the western tip of Lake Ontario in 2015 and the world is learning about it just now.The fish, a brown bullhead, contained 915 particles—a mix of microplastics, synthetic materials containing flame retardants or plasticizers, dyed…

Judge rules Alaska’s rural-energy subsidy should be funded

Top Cities for Solar Energy in California (2021)

California is setting the pace for converting to solar energy in the U.S., but some parts of the Golden State lean more toward solar than others. So, what are the top cities for solar in California? According to a recent report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), California is the …

Warfare, Not Climate, Is Driving Resurgent Hunger in Africa, Says Study

A 2009-2018 analysis of 14 countries teases out the factors behind reversals in food security. Conflict, not drought, is behind much of it.

Infrastructure bill to fund renewables and geothermal in Alaska

IPCC report a ‘call to arms’ for climate science in courts, legal experts say

We need gargantuan investment in EV charging stations. Where will the money come from?

Record Salmon in One Place. Barely Any in Another. Alarm All Around.

What the New Climate Change Report Means for El Paso and the Southwest