Tiffany’s New French Owner Brings a Makeover—and a Culture Clash

LVMH aims to heighten the jeweler’s allure to elites abroad while preserving what makes it popular in America. Discontent in the ranks.

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Small Businesses Face Hard Omicron Choices

The latest Covid-19 surge comes as many owners of firms across the country try to make up for pandemic-related setbacks encountered this year.

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Global ecosystem restoration progress: How and who’s tracking it?

The world has long monitored global deforestation, but tracking ecosystem restoration is a more subtle, challenging process, needing metrics for long-term success, carbon storage, biodiversity and local economy benefits.

EPA staff prevented from warning public about carcinogen

PCBTF is on a list of “green” compounds preferred by the EPA, even though there is ample evidence that it causes cancer. And once again, EPA scientists who wanted to draw attention to the chemical’s carcinogenicity were overruled by senior staff.

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Making green, disposable face masks that won’t become ocean plastic

Companies experiment with ways to make the plastic used in most face coverings biodegradable, so it won’t threaten marine life.

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Pitt study: World plastics trade accounts for 350M metric tons of CO2

Plastic traded between countries has the carbon footprint of a mid-sized European country. By 2050, it will account for 15% of the world’s greenhouse gases.

How electric vehicles have helped labor and climate groups team up

Revitalized alliance could help strengthen both the fight for reducing emissions and for bolstering worker rights.

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Mexico’s wheat fields help feed the world. They’re also releasing a dangerous greenhouse gas.

Farmers in the Yaqui Valley are driven to over-fertilize their crops, resulting in an explosion of nitrous oxide emissions with deadly and invisible consequences.

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‘Their whole sky has fallen’: more than 167,000 US children have lost a caregiver to Covid

Death toll underscores daunting task facing schools as they help students recover not just academically, but also emotionally.

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Why Cop26 coal power pledges don’t go far enough – visualized

See coal phase out progress to date, and why the current pledges are not enough to limit warming to 1.5C.

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